Wheel Of Fortune For Called Out For This Totally Dangerous Puzzle….


If you haven’t seen an episode of Wheel of Fortune, well, the game is usually making its viewers feel good about how well they can fill in the blanks on phrases and names, but ahead of Halloween, the show decided to freak out some horror fans by getting very close to summoning a horror legend.

In late October, during the week of Halloween, the game show “Wheel of Fortune” decided to create some puzzles that were related to the spooky holiday. One puzzle, in particular, created quite a lot of fuss on Twitter and actually seemed to scare certain viewers.

The puzzle in question saw the same word listed four times in a row, and it was brave contestant Jordan Costa from San Diego, California who plucked up the courage to say the answer out loud. “CANDYMAN CANDYMAN CANDYMAN CANDYMAN,” Jordan answered, referencing the classic 1992 horror film and its recent 2021 sequel, co-written by Jordan Peele.

In the films, the Candyman is an evil spirit who kills anyone who says his name five times in front of a mirror. Luckily, Wheel of Fortune only listed the infamous name four times, but even still, what a way to give viewers the creeps!

During the show, hot Pat Sajak announced a puzzle under the “Movie Quote” category.  Costa solved the puzzle. There were only two letters missing, and he knew what they were. He correctly read the word “Candyman” four times.

Sajak clarified for viewers that the quote is from the movie “Candyman,” and then he said, “And I said it a fifth time which means he appears. Isn’t that the way it works?”

With a huge smile on his face, Costa quickly responded, “Absolutely, we should be terrified. Maybe he’s under the wheel.”

Here’s the reaction of folks online to the Wheel of Fortune spooky episode:

“That, by the way, for those of you that don’t know is from a film called Candyman,” Pat said as the people in the audience applauded. “And I said it a fifth time which means he appears. Isn’t that the way it works?”

“Absolutely. We should be terrified,” Jordan said.

“Maybe he’s under the wheel,” Pat joked.

People turned to social media to express their fear after Wheel of Fortune provided the shocking puzzle.

“Wheel of Fortune is playing a dangerous game tonight,” one person said.

“Like they had him say Candyman x4. Wheel of Fortune y’all wild!!!” another added.

“Wheel of Fortune just had ‘Candyman Candyman Candyman’ as their phrase, and that is pure evil,” a different fan said.

“Why are we summoning #candyman by making contestants say his name repeatedly? I was waiting for him to bust out of the letters and get Vanna Wheel of Fortune,” a follower commented.

Source: AWM