While You Were Sleeping, They Just Passed A 1.5 Trillion Spending Bill!


After the Senate cleared the massive spending bill for the fiscal year late Thursday that began over five months ago, it is now headed to Joe Biden’s desk for signature.

On a 68-31 vote, the Senate passed the 2,700-page, $1.5 trillion omnibus containing all 12 fiscal 2022 spending bills, $13.6 billion of American taxes will be given to Ukraine despite not having any time at all to review its nearly 3,000 pages of content.

The legislation was delayed for several hours after a number of Democrats came out against plans to repurpose previously allocated COVID-19 funds from state governments to help finance federal pandemic response efforts.

The Gateway Pundit reported:

On Tuesday night, the Democrat-controlled House Rules Committee held a meeting in the dead of night at 1:30 am to finalize the $1.5 trillion spending package. After meeting for an hour, they released the final text of the bill just before 3:00 am, which gave lawmakers less than 12 hours to scramble and read its contents before the vote, which was set for 1:30 pm EST.

Most lawmakers, if not all of them, weren’t awake when the bill was released, so they did not receive it until the morning, leaving them with just a few hours before having to submit a decision.

CBS News also reported

Despite the last-minute release, the defense portion of the legislation passed 361-69, while the domestic spending portion passed 260-171, with one present vote.

House Democratic leaders were forced to strip the pandemic aid from the omnibus after weathering a rebellion from members who objected to how the money would be offset. The bill had called for clawing back unspent funds from previous relief laws, including $7 billion in aid to state governments. Some Democrats said their states would have been unfairly targeted for cuts.

House leaders said they would take up separate legislation next week for the pandemic aid — without cutting the $7 billion from state governments. But the additional deficit spending assumed in that bill could sink its chances in the evenly divided Senate.

In a Twitter post on Wednesday morning, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene slammed House Speaker Pelosi and her ‘hand picked’ committee for the underhanded tactics as she announced the incident.

Souces: Thegatewaypundit, CBS News