WHOA – Man Working For Hillary Found Shot 27 Times At 4 AM! Then Police Found THIS…

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Hillary Clinton and the Democrats are no strangers to scandal. Recently, Seth Rich, a member of the Democratic National Committee, was found dead after posting a call on Facebook to end gun violence.

Police later discovered that there had been a robbery nearby to the first crime scene. These suspects used firearms and beat three people during the incident as per USA Politics Today.

Rich’s Facebook post prior to his death said, “I reiterate back to people stop hating each other. Too much pain to process. We have to be better and defend each other more true. A life is exponentially valuable. I have family and friends on both sides of the law. Please, stop killing each other.” While Seth’s death is a tragic event, his final wish would put more in harm, to die as he did.

Like clockwork, the Clinton campaign pounced on the chance to use Seth as a political pawn to support their agenda to take our gun rights away.

Maybe, if Seth had been carrying a firearm, he would have been able to defend himself against his attackers. However, Hillary Clinton and the left want to make it impossible for citizens to get guns.

Liberals do not think that, in the minutes between when an attack begins and when the police arrive, a law abiding citizen should have the right to protect their own life against criminals who are trying to kill them. It’s absurd.

Every time we see shootings, especially mass shootings, we find that the criminals have chosen to commit their crime where guns are not allowed and therefore, where they will not be stopped until the police arrive. Often, this is after many have been wounded or killed.

Criminals do not obey the law. The Left just can’t get it through their skulls! Limiting the rights of law-abiding citizens won’t limit what a criminal will do. That’s what makes them a criminal.

No matter what kind of gun law the Democrats devise, if passed it will only serve to endanger We the People. Americans will be more vulnerable targets for criminal activity, less able to defend ourselves, and more likely to die by gun violence.

Our Founding Fathers put our right to carry guns into the constitution for a reason. They knew that a free man and/or woman has to know how to defend themselves and has to be empowered to do so.

Democrats should stop trying to use tragedies as political footballs. Especially because they don’t actually have the victim’s safety in mind.


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