Why Is The MSM Suddenly Covering Crackhead Hunter Biden?


It’s pretty clear that the Biden regime controls the majority of US mainstream media, in fact, we’ve seen every day on how they spread fake news to protect dementia, Joe.

Just like what happened back in 2020, when this bombshell about Biden’s laptop was all over the news. The fake news mainstream media were fast to cover up their boss in the WH, so they immediately change the narrative and reported that the Hunter Biden laptop was Russian propaganda.

In fact, 51 top intelligence officials signed a letter saying Hunter Biden’s letter was Russian disinformation. Joe Biden lied about his son’s laptop during a debate. The media lied about it as Russian disinformation to save Joe Biden.

It was a ridiculous lie and anyone with any amount of curiosity knew it.

And now, all of a sudden the fake news media is reporting on Hunter Biden and the serious investigation against him.

Below are just a few of the mainstream media’s serious coverage of Biden’s scandalous laptop and illegal dealings:

Here’s from ABC News today:

CBS News also reported:

And even the king of Fake News, CNN is reporting on the news:

Something is not right, I mean this is weird – fake news media changing its narrative against their boss. Is there something going on behind the scenes?

Watch it here: Rumble/Video

Source: TheGatewayPundit