Why She Was Strangled At Her Job Interview Has Everyone Totally…


A young pregnant woman was strangled by her own hair while attending a job interview at a factory and she had a freak accident with a machine.

The freak accident happen when 21-year-old Umida Nazarova, who was nearly two months pregnant, was applying for a job at the Svarmet factory in Borisov, which produces welding wires and electrodes. While touring the facility, her hair became stuck in one of the machines. The machine was so powerful that it tore Umida’s hair from her head, taking part of her scalp with it.

When a loose piece of hair became trapped in the machine, it wrapped around her neck and tore part of her scalp off while trapping her in place, the Daily Mail reports. “Her throat was injured, according to the doctor. Her hair got wrapped around her neck and she was pulled into the mechanism,” her mother said. “If her scalp had not been torn off, she would have been strangled there and then by her own hair.”

However, in addition to losing the baby, Nazarova suffered very serious injuries. Nazarova spent 20 days in the hospital, alive, but without gaining consciousness. Eventually, her body shut down as it was unable to recover from the trauma and injuries.

“They took two lives. She was seven weeks pregnant. They saw she had long hair, so why didn’t they give her something to cover it?”

In response to Umida’s untimely death, the Belarus Investigative Committee said: “An employee, who was showing her how the equipment operates, paused to make a record in a register. When she turned her head, she saw the woman already lying on the floor unconscious. Her hair was tangled in the machine.”

“She wanted to become a mother,” Olga, the victim’s mother, said. “We wanted to celebrate her wedding, and collect a grandson or granddaughter from the hospital, not this. This is not what I wanted for my child.”

The victim’s family is still seeking answers about the events that led to Umida’s death. Dmitry, the victim’s father, said, “I want to see those responsible for what happened held accountable.”

A court later sentenced an unnamed plant head of production for “failure to fulfil her official duties due to dishonest and negligent attitude… causing the death of a person”.

Source: AWM