Wikileaks 27 Just Released: FBI Indictments for Hillary Clinton. Clinton Foundation Linked to Weiner!


It appears to be Huma Abedin and Weiner have turned States Witnesses and are currently cooperating with the investigation. Consider this, what if several Congressmen and US Senators took part in having sex with children? What if, they were photographed? What if, they were being extorted as a result? What if, Hillary and Huma were photographed and Weiner didn’t get purge the pictures because he enjoyed them too much? That has been reported by several insiders within NYPD!

FBI Agents Pushing for Indictment of Hillary Clinton! 11/2/16

Sources are saying FBI agents have and continue to get massive amounts of evidence of corruption and pay to play with the Clinton Foundation and Hillary Clinton’s State Department.

FBI Agents seeking Indictment of Hillary Clinton – November 2, 2016 – Hillary Indictment Update

The FBI wants Hillary Clinton indicted and her political foes would love to see her arrested before the 2016 presidential elections ever become a major factor in the investigation of the infamous email server scandal. In the past, Bernie Sanders has refused to use the scandal for his campaign’s advantage, but he may not have to say a word since news about the 22 top secret emails has gone viral mere days before Iowa’s caucus votes on Monday. But should he speak up now?

Iowa’s polls consistently show Clinton and Sanders within the margin of error. On Saturday afternoon, the Real Clear Politics average of Iowa’s polls had Clinton at 47.7 percent and Sanders at 44.3 percent. Earlier last week, the two Democrats were tied neck and neck at 45.7 percent, so it’s hard to say whether the email server scandal has impacted Hillary’s campaign in Iowa at all. But if Bernie were to make it an issue the day before voting begins, it’s certain people would take heed.

Regardless, the main issue is whether the FBI will have Hillary Clinton indicated before the Democratic candidate for 2016 is finally chosen. A State Department deadline requires that Hillary produce the remaining emails before February 29, 2016, but by then the Democratic primary for Iowa, Nevada, South Carolina, and New Hampshire will have already taken place. Otherwise, Super Tuesday falls on March 1, so the Democratic voters for many states will not see the final details contained within the 7,254 pages of emails until it’s already too late.

These People Are A Danger To Themselves And Others! Wake Up!!!!!!

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  1. hi..i just was wondering why no ones making a bigger deal about judge scalia?? jesus, if i know about it, i’m sure the fbi does too..

  2. Hillary, Obama and all of their counterparts need to be pulled from office and held in custody until this goes to court. If it was anyone else in this country they would already be in custody. Why are they being treated like they are above the law, instead of being held as the example to the rest of the country that we will enforce our laws regardless of WHO you are? If we are ALL so equal like they keep trying to get votes with, why are they not being treated like every other American? It defines the government hypocrisy through the government actions. The behavior of our government and everyone they are in bed with shows. It is insulting to the American peoples’ intelligence to not act accordingly and continue to lie to our faces and not lock them up and disqualify Hillary, is sick as hell.

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