WOW: Look At How Many M*SLIMS Voted For Trump!


To hear Hillary’s campaign and her media surrogates you would expect somewhere north of 100% of Muslisms to have voted for someone — anyone — other than Donald J. Trump. You’ve heard all the rhetoric. The nonsense claims of ‘phobia’ (can we retire that word now?) the endless claims of racism.

We’ve already looked at the gains Trump had in certain demographics where he was supposed to have no chance — Black voters, for example, gave Trump enormous gains in support compared to 2012 numbers. But there is one significant group that exit polls didn’t have a category for. Muslims.

It was assumed the media ‘experts’ that Trump is more or less universally hated among Muslims. It was clear in their choice of language.

But wait!

The votes are in, the ballots counted and now starts the analysis – and according to exit polling from the Council for American Islamic Relations, so-called Islamophobe Donald Trump actually received twice as many votes from the Muslim community than his presidential hopeful predecessor, the more moderate-minded Mitt Romney, did during the 2012 White House fight. —Pamela Geller

And now get ready for a steaming cup of delicious irony.

Despite campaign rhetoric some called, Islamophobic and calls for a complete ban on Muslim immigration to the U.S., an exit poll of 2,000 voters conducted by the Council for American Islamic Relations found that 13% of Muslim voters backed Trump.

That is double the Muslim vote that Republican Mitt Romney received in 2012. Hillary Clinton got 74% of the vote.

…The New York Times notes the Muslim vote may have tilted Michigan in Trump’s favor – the state has a large Arab population and Trump won by more than 11,000 votes.

Yes, you read that right. Muslims may have tilted the race in ‘safe’ Blue states enough that they had a hand in knocking down the Blue Wall.

How about that? In a sense Muslims may have helped give Trump the Presidency.

And Democrats are desperate to overturn the result.

Isn’t that called ‘disenfranchisement’?


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