WOW! The FBI Just EXPOSED A Big Time Anti Trump Think Tank…


The FBI has seized the data of retired four-star Marine Gen. John R. Allen who is on administrative leave from his role as president of the Brookings Institute D.C.

Allen was accused of making false statements and withholding incriminating evidence with regard to his role in an illegal Qatari lobbying scheme.

Associated Press reported, “New federal court filings obtained Tuesday outlined a potential criminal case against former Marine Gen. John R. Allen, who led U.S. and NATO forces in Afghanistan before being tapped in 2017 to lead the influential Brookings Institution.” 

The investigation is wide-ranging and has already resulted in sentences against a former ambassador to the UAE, Richard G. Olson, and well-known donor Imaad Zuberi, who is serving 12 years on corruption charges.

The FBI alleges that Allen provided a “false version of events” about his work for Qatar. Allen is also accused of failing to produce communications in response to a grand jury subpoena.

More details of this report from The Epoch Times:

“A newly released FBI affidavit implicates the president of the Brookings Institution, retired four-star general John Allen, in an alleged backchannel effort to lobby former President Donald Trump’s national security adviser H.R. McMaster, as well as other U.S. government officials on behalf of the government of Qatar. Allen is alleged to have made false statements and concealed documents from the FBI in connection with his lobbying efforts.

Allen has been put on leave by the Brookings Institute, whose website states: “As of June 8, 2022, John R. Allen is on leave from the Brookings Institution.”

The FBI affidavit, which was apparently filed in error, was subsequently removed from the court’s docket. A copy was shared online (pdf) this morning by the New York Times. The inadvertent disclosure comes as part of a related case brought by the Department of Justice (DOJ) against Richard Olson, a former U.S. ambassador to Pakistan and the United Arab Emirates in the Obama administration. Olson was criminally charged in April for his alleged role in the lobbying campaign.”

100 Percent Fedup added:

Gulf states, including the United Arab Emirates, cut ties with Qatar due to their alleged support for the government of Iran.  Allen and Olson planned to lobby the Trump administration to help mediate between the United Arab Emirates and Qatar to repair their relationship.

The Brookings Institution has repeatedly published documents that attack President Trump.  This week, they published a 104-page document named ‘Trump on Trial” that documented Trump’s supposed crimes leading up to January 6th.

Sources: 100PercentFedUp, The Epoch Times