Yet Another Dem Mayor Has Told Biden They Are SICK Of It!


You know when you’re in deep sh!t of trouble after you realized Left-wing policies are “bullish!t,” and defunding the Police will put your City at greater risks.

This is what happened to San Francisco’s Democrat Mayor London Breed, she realized how important police visibility is, and defunding the Police proves Left-wing’s myth remains a myth. Breed came to the startling realization that Democrats really are out to destroy the world. That’s when she launched what the media calls “an emergency police intervention.”

On Tuesday, Hippy-dippy San Francisco’s liberal mayor announced a crime crackdown at an emergency police intervention,  especially in her city’s Tenderloin district.

The rising crime and drug problem are all because they defunded their police, and Michael Shellenberger almost fell off his chair when he heard what she said.

He then tweeted. Her exact quote was worthy of repeating:

“SF Mayor @LondonBreed has literally just called bullsh!t on progressive criminal justice reformers.” 

Breed started out by noting that In greater San Francisco, anarchists are out of control. More importantly, she wants to do something about it.

“It is time that the reign of criminals who are destroying our city come to an end.” Mayor Breed knows that will only happen when officials like herself “take the steps to be more aggressive with law enforcement, more aggressive with the changes in our policies and less tolerant of all the bullsh!t that has destroyed our city.”

Trending Right Wing also noted in their report:

Progressives started thumbing through classified ads for “wet-work” when she dared to promise, “we are going to turn this around.”

Mayor Breed came up with a “tough love” initiative for the city’s Tenderloin district which “includes an emergency intervention plan.” She’s all for compassion and rehab but San Francisco is “not a city where anything goes.”

Her get tough on Tenderloin plan involves “securing emergency police funding, amending surveillance ordinances so law enforcement can prevent and interrupt crime in real-time and disrupting the illegal street sales of stolen goods.”

For crying out loud, the whole state decriminalized shoplifting. This is “not just a public safety issue, but also something that has been contributing to retail theft,” the mayor proclaimed in her press conference.

Notably, Proposition 47’s passage allows “theft of less than $950 in goods,” as a result Walgreens and Safeway “closed multiple stores in San Francisco because of rampant and brazen shoplifting.

The proposal is likely to be met with frustration among those who say increasing police presence will make drug dealing and use more secretive and dangerous, and that many individuals experiencing homelessness already have had negative experiences with police and health care systems.

Source: Trendingrightwing