America Has Spoken! Poll Numbers From Last Night’s Debate Show Voters Have Picked Their President!


Lester Holt tried everything in his power to knock Donald Trump off his game in last night’s debate. Many of the questions had absolutely nothing to do with issues facing the American people. Instead of focusing on policy, Holt felt it was more important to drill Trump about his tax returns and comments about Obama’s birthplace that Trump made years ago.

If that wasn’t despicable enough, Holt interrupted Trump 4 TIMES to fact check him, but let Hillary lie on and on without making a sound.

Even with all of the bias, and having to debate TWO dishonest liberals (Lester Holt and Hillary), Trump still managed to come out ahead of Hillary. In nearly every debate poll, even on liberal sites, Trump dominated Hillary. Here are just a few….

DRUDGE: Trump 82.1% Hillary 17.9%

THE HILL : Trump 58% Hillary 36%

CNBC: Trump 66% Hillary 34%

TIME: Trump 53% Hillary 47%

SLATE: Trump 55% Hillary 45%

FORTUNE: Trump 55% Hillary 48%

LAS VEGAS SUN: Trump 82% Hillary 18%

VARIETY: Trump 57% Hillary 43%


In fact, CNN has the ONLY poll showing that Hillary won and the reason why is as low down as it gets. The Clinton News Network cooked the books and sampled 41% Democrats compared to just 26% Republicans.

In a disclaimer for the Poll CNN writes:

26% of the respondents who participated in tonight’s survey identified themselves as Republicans, 41% identified themselves as Democrats, and 33% identified themselves as Independents.

Trump proved last night that he can stand next to the most corrupt politician on the planet and put her in her place. It’s CLEAR who the American people want as their next president, Donald J. Trump!


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  1. Trump let Hilary off the hook a bit last night, but her answers were so ridiculous and obvious lies made anything she said uneventful. She was more worried about embarrassing him about calling someone fat 30 years ago and for not releasing his tax returns while he is still under audit then the topics that are important to the American people. He could have embarrassed her badly when she brought up the fat woman comment by talking about Bill Clintons’ abusive treatment of women. He chose not to take that rode,, but he still won in presenting all of her lies and failures throughout her political career.His ideas and policy plans for this country is the only thing that is going to save us. She will sell us out to the highestt bidder for sure. She is corrupt and a pathological liar.

  2. Killary counts the votes, using the Bush criminal cabal access to satellite communications which access the voting machines during vote tallies. untraceable by contract for Jeb Bush and Lieutenant Governor Feeney in 1999. The demorats and repulsivekin parties BOTH maintain these infringements on the American people for their Britannia corporate masters.

  3. There’s no way in hell that asshole scumbag liar trump won that debate he blamed the microphone he said he didn’t have the sniffles which he did he’s just so full of shit it’s pathetic and every veteran that ever served for this country should be saying the same things that I am he’s no good he’s crazy and he should just walk away and maybe let pants run for the presidency he’s a scumbag

  4. My stomach hurts to see her lounging
    When Trump call her a layer. She is a calculated woman
    We don’t need that woman in the White House or her
    Husband a rapist. Please , we need to be a republican team, ASAP, to protect our country. !

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