BREAKING: ISIS Is DONE FOR! Look What AWESOME Thing Just Killed Leader Al Baghdadi…

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This is amazing news! If you hate ISIS, and I am sure you do, you will be very happy to know that their dirty, evil leader has been defeated by something NOBODY Saw Coming…

This morning, Al-Baghdadi was SEVERELY POISONED along with several other key ISIS leaders. The assassin took advantage of the ISIS leaders when they all sat down to eat this morning.

So how was your camel meat this morning, Baghdadi? Did it taste like Karma with a side of Justice?


Hell yeah! ISIS finally got what was coming to them.

Let’s be honest, Baghdadi was evil, I mean REALLY evil. He basically created ISIS and singlehandedly lead the immigration crisis which has destroyed Europe.

So there is no love lost when this blaspheming SOB bit into the last meal he will ever eat. I HOPE IT WAS FREAKING DELICIOUS!


This great news came just hours after over a dozen ISIS military commanders were blown to smithereens during a strategy meeting when one of the idiots decided to wear a malfunctioning explosive belt.

This is HUGE! Everyone in the world needs to know that the Modern-Day Hitler is finally done for. Let’s share this out all over the place so we can HUMILIATE ISIS!

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