BREAKING: Trump Campaign Furious After Top 2 Debate Moderators Named- Take A WILD Guess At Who They are..

A new poll naming the top two choices for moderators among respondents had Trump fans furious, as many believed it was biased against their candidate.

According to the survey by Morning Consult, the top two choices named for debate moderator were CNN’s Anderson Cooper and Fox News’ Megyn Kelly, both of whom have a difficult history with the Republican nominee.

Cooper was first with 34 percent, while Kelly was second with 25 percent. Fox’s Chris Wallace — the only candidate in the top six who either wasn’t identifiably liberal or has a difficult history with Trump — finished third with 22 percent.

Bob Schieffer of CBS was fourth with 17 percent, while Wolf Blitzer of CNN and Lester Holt of NBC tied for fifth with 16 percent.

A quick look at the poll makes one wonder just how unbiased it was, however. In the top 20 respondents, only four — Wallace, Neil Cavuto, Bret Baier and Hugh Hewitt — were either centrist or leaned conservative.

Meanwhile, here are some liberal media stalwarts who managed to make it: Rachel Maddow (10 percent), Martha Raddatz (8 percent), Chuck Todd (the key figure in the DNC email scandal got 7 percent), George Stephanopoulos (5 percent, and may we add he also worked for Bill Clinton?), Chris Cuomo (6 percent), Don Lemon (5 percent) and Gwen Ifill of PBS (3 percent).

Something tells me that might not be the most balanced of polls.

It’s worth pointing out that this is just a poll, not anything that would definitively pick the moderators for the three debates between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. However, it’s hard to see that the moderators won’t come from this list, which makes it all the more scary.

We’ve known for quite some time that the liberal media fix is in when it comes to the debates, and this is yet more proof that they’re going to be biased against Trump. We’ll keep you informed on what happens.

H/T Newsmax

0 thoughts on “BREAKING: Trump Campaign Furious After Top 2 Debate Moderators Named- Take A WILD Guess At Who They are..

  1. Well if that’s the game they want to play Trump should have his list “POLLED”, Laura Ingrahm, Sean Hannity, Judge Jeanine Piro

  2. Again, pure BS for an article.Top 20 ? Where’d they scan for a poll outcome? WHat were the demographics and error percentiles? And the title, Jesus! What proof or source did you garner up mystically or magically to state that Trump’s campaign staff were furious over the top two picks? Did you poll the janitors or the window washers? Ha….once again, Newsmax gives us the junk and calls it News worthy. Note that I am vehemently against Trump but when so called news agencies misquote, mix up or flat out fictionally create out of thin air what they attempt to call news, I chastise freely, openly and repeatedly.

  3. This is so unfair but the democrats are very unfair. The Republicans should have had a couple of nominees for this but what do you expect from CNN and others. Trump will win anyways.

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