EVERY DEMOCRAT WILL BOYCOTT HILLARY After Seeing Sick Thing She Did at Debate Last Night…

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Hillary Clinton has been caught doing a lot of terrible stuff recently, but for some reason, Democrats just won’t give her up! After last night’s final presidential debate, however, that is all gonna change…

Y’all may remember when Trump started talking about how Hillary Clinton accepts money from terrorist countries that throw gays off buildings.

Well, it was during that very same moment that Hillary Clinton did something sick that will cost her the election…


Wow! That is just sick. I mean I do not care if you are for or against gay marriage, but throwing ANY innocent person off a building is NOT a laughing matter.

See what I am saying, though? This is bad, like REALLY bad. Liberals are gonna hate this. Hell, everyone with half-a-brain is gonna hate this!


That’s why I say we all need to band together right now and commit to making this into the biggest video on the internet. If we all share this out, we can expose her for the sick bigot that she is and get every Democrat in America to boycott her!


0 thoughts on “EVERY DEMOCRAT WILL BOYCOTT HILLARY After Seeing Sick Thing She Did at Debate Last Night…

  1. US was intelligent Nation with acknowledged Wise leaders therefore the enemy was always the front line was ruled by Controversy Law so whatever happening is US destiny: Assurance is discern the wisdom may produced light to the approaching dark. God blessed America.

  2. she is one sick in the head and should be in prison or hung up on tree for committing treason. We are not to take money from foreign countries either people to interfere with our constitution, etc. Killer Clinton has no love for anyone other then her demonic self. She does not care for the homosexuality community when she laughs and Trump does care for all people. There is a big difference there and if you vote for Killer Clinton then you have rocks for brains.

  3. My comments are addressed to Ryan and GOP Elites. It can be said in one word that represents millions of Americans. WHY?
    WHY Are you throwing us under the bus?
    WHY do you not love your own families enough to protect them from a corrupt person who should be in jail?
    WHY do you not care about our future Supreme Court?
    WHY do you not care that open borders could allow terrorists to enter our country?
    WHY do you not care about the unborn?
    WHY do you not care about our veterans?
    WHY do you support the main media?
    WHY do you support someone who will take away freedom of religion?
    WHY do you support other freedoms that will be in jeopardy?

    The “WHYS” go on!

    We trusted you. Now as an elderly person, I am hurting badly, scared for my grandchildren! I I thought you were Christians. Obviously not!


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