Germany’s Chief Prosecutor Announces Investigation of US Hacking at Frankfurt Consulate – May Prosecute

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As ‘Obamagate’ blows wide open, we are beginning to learn that the ex-President’s ILLEGAL surveillance wasn’t just limited to Trump. After Obama’s ‘spy list leaked earlier this week, several people have come forward intending to seek justice as well.

Thanks to Wikileaks, many revelations into the OBama ‘wiretap’ scandal have been made over the last few days.

Among the most startling revelations was the fact that “Obama’s CIA  used the German facility of Frankfurt as ‘a remote hacking base for their clandestine activities.’

Looks like Obama is starting to regret his decisions after Germany announced he will pay -BIG TIME.

Gateway Pundit reported:

US Consulate in Frankfurt

The documents reveal the CIA used Frankfurt as a remote hacking base for clandestine activities. The top secret CIA unit used the German city of Frankfurt am Main as the starting point for numerous hacking attacks on Europe, China and the Middle East.

In response Germany’s chief prosecutor announced an investigation of the Wikileaks documents.

It will be interesting to watch how Obama tries to squirm his way out of this one.

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