Hillary’s Campaign KNEW It Was Voter Fraud… But What They DIDN’T Know? IT WAS ALL CAUGHT ON CAMERA!

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What Hillary Clinton did with this presidential campaign is out of this world, and if Donald Trump did those exact crimes, America would have stoned him already. He does not have the media behind his back, like Hillary does, and she took good care of covering her tracks and still damaging the election system tremendously.

Constant voter fraud and immigrant scams have been present in Cinton’s campaign and here is more on the topic.


The campaign Hillary4America, a group that advocates for the policies of Hillary Clinton, was searching for recruits to go to the polls and preach the word of Clinton. Two things are wrong with this:

First, it’s illegal to go to a polling/voter registration place and tell people who to vote for. It’s the reason why candidates can’t go to a polling/voter registration place and talk with voters, despite Bill Clinton doing it anyway and the media staying quiet about it. This seems like a clear cut case of voter manipulation and fraud.

Second, the idiots behind Hillary4America didn’t know that one of their prospective recruits, the very people they were instructing to violate voter laws, had a hidden camera on the whole time and exposed them for the crooks they really are.

Here is the entire thing, caught on tape. If this doesn’t clue you in into the mindset of people voting for Hillary, I don’t know what will.

Want more? Here’s yet another Hillary campaign volunteer registering people to vote with signs that are against Donald Trump. When she’s pressed on her partisan hackery, she just runs away when she realizes that she’s being filmed. Yeah, sure sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

For this reason voting is crucial and we must not let Hillary run over the honest American folks and American history in general.


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