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Muslims are upset that 80 mosques are about to be destroyed.

This may be a direct result from the radical Islamic terrorism that’s happened and this country is taking a stand against the violence, crime, and rape that too very often comes from Muslims.

BUZZPO – The African nation of Angola has become the first country in the world to entirely ban Islam. Angolan Minister of Culture Rosa Cruz e Silva stated that Islam is “contradictory to the customs of Angola culture,” and so it cannot exist in the Christian nation.

“The process of legalization of Islam has not been approved by the Ministry of Justice and Human rights,” Silva told reporters. “Their mosques would be closed until further notice.” All of the more than 80 mosques in Angola are set to be destroyed.

Angolan President Jose Eduardo dos Santos called the move “the final end of Islamic influence in our country.” The Angolan government has fully backed the decision, saying that Islam is not a religion, but a sect.

It’s a hard decision to debate because there are Muslims who don’t commit acts of terror or crime. If those Muslims fight against the violence, then they usually get killed as well.

It is a shame that some people feel that violence is necessary. Whatever happened to peace? Why can’t some groups make a difference in the world without feeling like they have to blow something up.

How about making a positive difference?

After terror attacks, people go back to their lives. Terror attacks don’t have a lasting appeal to them. They happen, people recover, people move on. That’s just how it is because people are resilient.

When terror attacks happen, it gives people a negative idea of that religion.

That can be changed, but it has to come from within that group and they have to be willing to make that change.


  1. People move on after an attack because they have NO DAMN Choice.
    The Murdering terrorists Denied the ANY option.
    And they DO have a Lasting effect to EVERYONE who has lost a loved one IN one of the attacks.

    If you want Sharia. Go back to your own country and implement it there.
    But they Cant. Because War in IN fighting has All but destroyed the land they once lived in.
    And now they want to do it here too.

    It NEEDS to be banned EVERYWHERE.

  2. it would probably have been a good idea if they had not publicly announced that the mosques would be torn down until a couple of things happened. i would have set aside a day to surround and protect each mosque and then announce that they would be destroyed. do not let anyone into the mosques except law enforcement to take control of weapons or documents stored inside. destroy every one in one day or possibly two using huge front loaders. you will probably find so much weaponry that you could start another army. don’t let them have the chance to move the weaponry before the mosques are destroyed. it will take all that weaponry off the streets and help to stop future terrorist attacks.

  3. ??? There’s no reference to a date of this. Perhaps , no definitely because this happened at least a year ago.
    So it would be more news worthy if their was an update to just how this was implemented and what the results are and were. Enough said.

  4. “That can be changed, but it has to come from within that group and they have to be willing to make that change.”

    Not gonna happen. Islam will never be willing to make any change. Sounds like you need to brush up on your history of Islam. History does repeat and a little reading will prove that. Buy a book and put your feet up and get some reading done. You will be glad you did. 🙂

  5. Islam is a cult founded by Muhammad a warmonger, child molester of little girls and boys, and a murderer. Islam is a barbaric cult still living in the dark ages. Muslims kill other Muslims if they don’t believe a certain way. Not all Muslims are the fundamentalist terrorist types and they are hated by the fundamentalists.

  6. Islam is a violent Hate Group. It’s founder, Mohammed was a liar, thief and murderer. He commanded his followers to lie, thieve and murder infidels (non-muslims) multiple times; even on his deathbed. Today , Muslims lie, thieve and kill, following Mohammed’s commands. It is a Hate Group. Most Nazis didn’t kill any Jews. Most Klansman never lynched Blacks. Most Muslims ever murdered “Infidels”. But they silently were in favor of it.

  7. That’s exactly what we must do, ASAP. However turn their mosques into neighborhood basketball courts, tennis courts, etc.

  8. islam is a cult and should be banned world wide. they have and always have been a destructive force in this world. and the liberal governments that support and coddle these cultest are setting the stage for violence and the over throw. and destruction of thier countries.

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