LEAKED INFO: Secret Service Banned Flash Photos During The Second Debate…CAN YOU GUESS WHY?!


The secret service banned flashed photography from the second debate so that Hillary would not have seizures.

*** This information needs to get out to the public.

The entire debate was stacked against Trump and he took them on so brilliantly. This should be the end of Hillary.

Your jaw will drop when you see this video.

We need to get this out to the public. They have a right to know that Hillary is way to sick to be President.

If you didn’t see the debate, watch Trump mop the floor with her below.

This means that the Secret Service knows that Hillary is sick and make steps at all times to protect her.

Share this, patriots! Let’s get the word out. Let’s win this thing. The energy is so high on the Trump Train and let’s keep it going.


0 thoughts on “LEAKED INFO: Secret Service Banned Flash Photos During The Second Debate…CAN YOU GUESS WHY?!

    SHE SAYS———-

    Blacks are losers & super predators
    Muslims are sandniggers
    Democrats are stupid
    PA & OH-white trash & stupid morons
    Hispanics-bunch of tacos
    Bernie supporters-sleep in basements
    Trump supporters-deplorable, un redeemable & un American
    Cannot stand handicapped
    Millenials are losers

  2. I don’t understand why people cannot realize that what God has said is sin, we are not to put those people that believe anything goes in power. God has blessed this country, but He says He will not bless a country that has turned it’s back on Him. When we put those that are doing evil things in office then we are turning our back on Him. She is not being silent on what she intends to do, why can’t people see that?

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