Leftist Idiots ATTACK POLICE OFFICERS At Trump Rally In Pittsburgh


A Black Lives Matter mob of “thousands” went on the rampage outside a Donald Trump rally in Pittsburgh, hurling racial epithets, smashing windows and assaulting police Wednesday night at the downtown Lawrence Convention Center.

At least 12 people were arrested after a huge crowd of protesters — organized and likely paid via Craigslist ads — descended upon the Center.

Via Greta @ FoxNews:

From USAToday:

A woman danced inches from a group of Trump supporters, repeatedly screaming “F*** Donald.” She and others with her waved signs that read “STOP TRUMP. SHUT DOWN WHITE SUPREMACY” and declared that immigrants are not criminals. The Trump supporters who gathered around her yelled, “F*** Hillary,” “F*** Bernie,” and, in response to the “Black lives matter” refrain, “All lives matter!”

A drum pounded, signs waved and megaphones blared near an exit for the rally, which drew thousands of attendees. Trump backers and protesters shouted at each other in some areas. In others, the demonstration had an almost jubilant flair, with protesters dancing as they chanted: “Hey hey, ho ho, racist bigots have to go,” or “F*** Donald Trump.”

The timing of the Trump rally could not have been worse for downtown traffic: A Pittsburgh Pirates baseball game and Pittsburgh Penguins hockey game were also underway, and police were stretched thin and forced to deploy SWAT members as well to the scene.

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