Woman Who Lives On Border Tells Don Lemon One Major Difference She’s Seen Since Trump Won, He Freaks

CNN’s Don Lemon invited Pamela Taylor, a woman who lives on the border near Brownsville, Texas and who had previously stated she can actually see illegals jumping from one side of the fence to the other, to discuss the issue under President Trump.

Taylor once made made the statement that she didn’t think the wall was a great idea for the mere fact that the wall she is used to simply doesn’t work. Don Lemon jumped on this statements, and invited the woman on his show for a segment with the impression that she would be on his side.

The shock was apparent when she told him everything he didn’t want to hear.

Don started off by attempting to sway her answer to the left:

“That’s been the conventional wisdom from a lot of people that if you have a 20-foot wall that there’s a 21-foot ladder that can help them get over it. But your house is right there on the border. You can actually watch undocumented immigrants cross into the country from your home,” explained Don Lemon.

 “According to just released Customs and Border Protection numbers, illegal southwest border crossings were down by 40 percent last month. Have you noticed a difference?”

That’s when the truth hit him with something that the Trump-hating network CNN NEVER expected to hear.

“I believe President Trump is making a difference already!,” replied Taylor.

“Basically, it was a constant flow of people coming over. Not ones and twos, but by twenties and thirties. Now, we actually get a good night’s sleep every once in a while. We don’t have any interference. Of course, I can’t speak for the Border Patrol. They probably are picking people up, but in such large quantities,” explained Taylor.

She went onto explain how illegal immigrants are using children as a ploy to get into America.

Check out the interview below:

0 thoughts on “Woman Who Lives On Border Tells Don Lemon One Major Difference She’s Seen Since Trump Won, He Freaks

  1. The video stops when he has her live, and starting to talk about the good Trump has done??? Does that happen to anyone else?

  2. that is how you set up the liberal media. tell them one thing, get on tv and tell the complete truth and leave them with their mouth hanging open. that old shit of the leftist media getting people to say what they want them to say needs to stop. keep this up and the media will back off cause they will be afraid they will have to absorb the truth.

  3. What gets me are all the people that always try to make the president look bad as far as the illegals situation never seem to be around have to live near the border. I wish Don Lemon would move down there and get a feel of what’s happening. Another phony!

  4. I have a friend who lived right on the border, just like this woman. While she said that she never had problems with items being stolen nor was anybody in her family ever in an altercation, she did have a constant flow of people wanting water/food and that was very early on in their journey. Can’t imagine what It must have been like a few days into the horrible desert heat. This woman’s Mom would always try to leave bottles of water out at night, and a hose close by for them. She said food was limited for her family but her Mom did her best to leave something for those that might be hungry, even if it was a loaf of bread. Often they would come to the door, if the food and water had already been taken. She also said that their dogs barked the entire night as so many were passing by. This went on for her entire childhood….and after almost 18 years, she said that she was certain that thousands had passed by….and that’s been over 20 years ago. Seems like it would be easier for the United States to just take Mexico, give them work and food, and housing and close that back door…probably over simplistic what I’m saying. I do believe something needs to stop the flow, but we feed the rest of the world, maybe we could at least feed our neighbors.

  5. Nice thought but but you’re being rather naive to think that the majority crossing are poor desperate families just looking for a better life. What about the drug cartels & human smugglers?
    Then you have the revolving door of criminals whe keep committing crimes, being deported then turn around and repeat over and over. Increased violence against our citizens and border patrol agents have upped the ante. Throwing more money at the problem would only increase the bank accounts of corrupt Mexican and American politicians. The bleeding-heart liberals are content to advocate their adoration of these future voters while safe and secure in their gun proceed mansions while doing their best to deny our rights for protecting our families and property. Hypocrisy runs rampant among this crowd and the MSM and if the American people fail to recognize and continue to ignore the growing threat we are doomed. Just don’t make the mistake of putting out an extra loaf of bread and getting a good night’s sleep…

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