Sotomayor Sits It Out: SCOTUS Sides With Trump

Justice Sotomayor took President Trump's advice and recused herself from one of the cases she recently ranted about. The other eight justices sided with the administration to allow migrants to "remain in Mexico" while their ....

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Criminal Alien Abduction On S.F. Court Stairs

Radical San Francisco progressives are furious about a recent alien abduction. The kidnapping of the poor "Mexican national with multiple felony convictions" happened right on their courthouse steps. Nancy Pelosi promised that wouldn't happen, since ....

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Crisis Response Force Deployed To Border Gates

The Pentagon deployed U.S. military troops to crossing gates along our southern border, as backup for Customs and Border Patrol agents. The "crisis response force" will also help with coronavirus screenings and stand by for ....

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32-Yr Old ILLEGAL ALIEN Repeatedly Raped and Impregnated 15-Yr Old Stepdaughter As Way To Stay In U.S.

Can you recall when the Democratic Party and the media continued to non-stop criticize and insult presidential candidate Donald Trump for admitting to a large group of supporters that Mexico is not on our side, ....

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Mom Of Boy Murdered By Illegal Just Dropped TRUTH BOMB On Steinle Verdict – She Is Furious!

The mother of another citizen murdered at the hands of an illegal immigrant has come forward to express her opinion regarding the 'not guilty' verdict recently handed down to the illegal alien that murdered Kate ....

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