LISTEN: Hillary Exposed Referring To Disabled Children As ‘F**king Ree-Tards’


Hillary Clinton has branded herself to liberal voters as someone who has always been sensitive to minorities and those in need, but a former mistress of her husband’s has just revealed that this isn’t the case at all.

In her tell-all book about the Clintons, former Bill Clinton mistress Dolly Kyle claims that Hillary was overheard calling mentally challenged children “f*****g ree-tards” and caught on record blurting out the terms “stupid k**e” and “f***ing Jew b*****d.” Her husband also referred to Reverend Jesse Jackson as a “G**damned n****r.”

According to Daily Mail, Kyle has also reminded Americans that Bill was sued numerous times by blacks and Hispanics for violations of the 1965 Voting Rights Act.


Hillary’s comments about disabled children were made during a traditional Easter egg hunt on the grounds of the governor’s mansion during Bill’s tenure in the Arkansas state house. The children were having trouble finding the eggs, and Hillary quickly lost her patience.

“The frustrated Me-First Lady demanded, ‘When are they going to get those f*****g ree-tards out of here?’” Kyle wrote .

Hillary Clinton is desperately trying to court the minority vote, and these allegations could cost her this demographic in the election. Since the race between her and Donald Trump is closer than ever, this might be enough to get the Republican in the White House.


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