LISTEN: Hillary Freak Out… Makes Vile Move When She Finds Bible in Limo


Gary Byrne is a former Secret Service officer who served in the West Wing during the Clinton administration, and of course observed some intriguing phenomena there.

On Conservative Tribune sister company USA Radio’s “Trending Today USA,” Byrne recounted a story of Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton assaulting another Secret Service member with a copy of the Bible.

Host Rusty Humphries asked him flat-out in an exclusive interview: Has Clinton been rude?

“Can you confirm reports that Hillary was rude? Yes or no?”

The answer was unsurprising.

“Absolutely,” said Byrne without hesitation.

Can you give me a quick example of Hillary Clinton being rude?” Humphries asked.

Byrne was quick to provide examples. He recalled a time when Hillary Clinton was infuriated because he had objected to her plan to have a group of 40 of her friends from Arkansas occupy the Oval Office unsupervised.

“She was gonna leave, and leave them in the Oval Office!” he said.

Secret Service members aren’t allowed to leave people in the Oval Office unsupervised “because of national security issues,” said Byrne. “And these are rules that are based on national security law.”

Clinton was not as understanding as one might hope, but then again — she doesn’t have the strongest record when it comes to security.

Her response was to call Byrne an “a**hole,” then the whole Secret Service division “a**holes,” and tell him that the Clintons should have fired them when they first moved in there years before.

“This is typical behavior for Hillary Clinton,” said Byrne.

He would know: This is a man who spent 12 years in the Secret Service, eight of which were with the Clintons.

What’s worse was his recollection of Hillary Clinton assaulting another Secret Service member with a Bible.

“She got so angry, she hit a Secret Service (member) on the back of the head with a Bible sitting in a limousine,” Byrne recalled.

He insisted that the service member had done no wrong, but that Hillary Clinton was just mad.

“She had a tantrum over — who knows what,” stomped her feet in the limo and belted her Secret Service driver.

The incident was investigated, according to Byrne, but the agent was told, “This is the way it is … if you want a transfer, we’ll transfer you.”

You can listen to an excerpt from the interview here:

Apparently assault is to be dismissed when committed by the first lady. Maybe it’s just “limousine” behavior.


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  2. I don’t like misleading headlines. You waste my time listening, waiting for the headline to be true. I will prevent you from being able to do that again.

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