Media Complains Trump’s First 3 Picks Were White… Then Get EPIC Bad News- LOOK

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The liberal mainstream media have shown their dogged bias against President-elect Donald Trump from the beginning of his campaign, and now they have applied it to his personnel choices.

As usual, however, the facts don’t bear them out.

Hanna Trudo of Politico tweeted: “Trump so far has selected only white men” after it was announced that Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions had been chosen as attorney general, Rep. Mike Pompeo of Kansas for CIA director and retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn for national security adviser.

Here’s her tweet:

There’s just one major problem with Trudo’s comments: President Obama’s first three picks were also white men.

Stephen Miller tweeted: “Obama first 3 announcements: Rahm Emanuel. David Axelrod. Robert Gibbs,” with a link to a CBS News article that compared the transitions of the last three presidents.

Luckily there were some historically literate people to discuss the matter.

As another Twitter user noted, Dr. Ben Carson, not a white man — in case Trudo wasn’t aware — was offered a position and declined it.

Yet another good point was made on Twitter about how Hillary Clinton’s team was filled with white people, yet the liberal media didn’t seem to care about that.

Twitter user Rohn Jambo made a particularly important point as well: It doesn’t matter what Trump does, the mainstream media will spin it against him no matter what.

What’s even more laughable is that a big part of why the left lost was likely their incessant focus on identity politics, but they persist in it.

Trump should continue to do what he’s doing and pay the liberal mainstream media no mind — advice that is sound in nearly every case.

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