Mom Of Boy Murdered By Illegal Just Dropped TRUTH BOMB On Steinle Verdict – She Is Furious!

Illegal Immigration

The mother of another citizen murdered at the hands of an illegal immigrant has come forward to express her opinion regarding the ‘not guilty’ verdict recently handed down to the illegal alien that murdered Kate Steinle.

Injustice has never been so apparent as News that an illegal alien who shot and murdered an innocent American citizen has not only been found not guilty but has also been released back into the American public despite his criminal and illegal status.

In response to this outrageous verdict, the mother of a fellow American who lost their life unnecessarily at the hands of an illegal wants the public to know the truth about the ‘justice’ being handed out.

Watch Here:

Liberals are openly choosing to support illegals over Americans and are subsequently endangering every American who falls under their jurisdiction. This is AMERICA! Therefore AMERICANS should come FIRST! period.

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