Moments After The President Left Puerto Rico, San Juan Mayor Went And Stabbed Him In The Back


Today President Trump flew all the way to Puerto Rico to survey the hurricane damage, talk to the local leaders and lend a hand to the people. Of course, there is ONE person in Puerto Rico who does not like the President one bit…San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz.

The president actually went and personally met with Mayor Cruz during his outing. He met with many of the other leaders as well and heard their concerns.

It seems that many of them loved President Trump and were happy with their meeting. Then there was the nasty thing Cruz said:

“I would hope that the President of the United States stops spouting out comments to hurt the people of Puerto Rico.”

“Rather than commander-in-chief, he sort of becomes miscommunicator-in-chief.”

She also implied the best part of the meeting was the “second half” – after Trump had left to take care of other duties.

It is worth mentioning that right before he little interview with CNN, President Trump had held a meeting with all of the leaders of Puerto Rico including herself and the governor.

He managed to thank all the mayors and leaders during the meeting for their hard work except one: San Juan Mayor Yulin Cruz. My guess is she was a little bit bitter about being left out.

Plus she waited until AFTER Trump had left to say all this. Apparently, she likes to act tough on camera but can not back it up in person.

Still, maybe if she spent more time working with Trump, FEMA, and the military and less time interviewing on every TV network that will have her, we would be in better place by now. It’s time for her to put her political ambitions aside and serve the people.

0 thoughts on “Moments After The President Left Puerto Rico, San Juan Mayor Went And Stabbed Him In The Back

  1. she is a hateful horrible person who doesnt deserve a position in office..throw her out and get someone who cares about the people

  2. She’s pissed because aid came in the form of goods, not cash. It’s kind of difficult to give your family and friends contracts they don’t deserve if there’s no cash involved. Why wasn’t that mayor better prepared? Why didn’t she negotiate the truckers contract before the storm landed? She’s obviously incompetent.

  3. Why didn’t she tell the truckers to postpone their strike until the crisis was over? No, she just kept on whining “people are dying”! If anyone died, it was HER FAULT!

  4. I think she’s absolutely right about Trump. Throwing paper towels out to the crowd trivialized the plight of those who have no electricity, no running water and no medicine. It’s hard to believe Trump has the ability to comprehend what it’s like to lose everything when he acts like he’s the host of a game show or a sporting-event promotor in the midst of such suffering. To put it charitably, the President is clueless!

  5. Pull your head out! Mayor Cruz should be spending her time figuring out how to help HER PEOPLE instead of tee-shirt shopping and giving lying interviews. How self centered can an official be in a time of crisis?

  6. It’s only “stabbing in the back” cause you are a blind minion. People are suffering. She is doing the most she can go for her people. Unlike Cheeto that prefers to lie, cheat and divide.

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