Watch Pilot Order Obama OFF Chopper For Disrespecting Marine [VIDEO]


Obama has crossed the line quite a few times when it comes to disrespecting our men and women in uniform, however this time…someone did something about it. Check out what happened.

VIA| Over the past few years, we’ve seen an escalation of violence against our men and women in uniform—ranging from police officers to Marines.

Finally, some people are starting to take a stand in support of those fighting to protect our safety. This one brave pilot, for instance, wasn’t afraid to stand up to President Obama when he disrespected a marine.

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  1. It is a real problem that blacks still have rights, they don’t respect the English and Scottish americans. Why aren’t the Indians bitching it is to bad the south didn’t win the war you know Africans were kept in line then.

  2. In the military the pilot can call the shots. In the early space program the astronauts fought to keep this privilege. The shuttle program erased this privilege. Two shuttles were lost

  3. I’m yeah the video isn’t working ? guess no one wants it seen huh lol I WANT TO SEE IT !! CANT STAND THE SO CALLED ? MONKEY OF A PRESIDENT NO WAY LOL he’s done nothing but bad mouth this country well ofc he would he’s from Kenya duh ? should have never ever been allowed to run just like Cruz who’s Canadian he needs to prove he’s a US citizen now !! But ofc this country’s gone to hell no one cares who’s who anymore bleh ? 😛

  4. Who says you cant teach an old dog new tricks. In the future try going up the stairs once.

  5. Why can the video not be played and why when I tried to play it did my computer screen go dark? Can it be Facebook doesn’t want us to see the truth when someone stands up to Obama for disrespecting our troops?

  6. He was born, educated, indoctrinated as a muslim – so what else could we expect!
    He will soon be TRUMPED!!

  7. I have no respect for this so called CINC. As a 93 year old retired WW2 Veteran USAF Tech Sergeant I would tell him to kiss my rosy red rear. He is a disgrace to the nation and especially to our military..

  8. Why won’t Facebook let a person watch the film clip? Will it insult the Shiites”

  9. what did you expect from this MUSLIM if that soldier was BLACK it would not have happened commander in chief MY ASS him and his bitch wife need to be shone the door

  10. I am embarressed to be 30 yrs retired army the people of America care nothing for the constitution

  11. its a shame we voted twice for this guy,i’m also a shame to say he’s my president.He became one of the worst we ever voted in to office.

  12. Did he really order him off? It is hard to believe but i hope it is true. Obama is the biggest jerk there ever was.

  13. Didn’t look like anyone ordered him to do that, he went back out with a smile then shook his hand. Said something that made Marine smile, people that post this shit are the problem not Obama. Get over yourselves.

  14. World leaders that are 100% ASS, are not needed any longer! If you can’t assume the role, don’t even go for it!!

  15. Oh, puleese! There is no requirement for a civilian, president or otherwise, to return a salute. Reagan started it, because he loved pretending. And no pilot were order the preys to do anything. Get a life, and quit making stuff up.

  16. Is there a par+icular reason you are spreading this pile of manure or are you just hoping to get something to grow? Obama’s not military – he’s not permitted to salute – it would be a breach of protocol.

  17. People out of uniform are not permitted to salute. Period. The pilot could not have seen whether Obama snapped a salute or danced a jig or ate a pumpkin pie and sang for more supper. The pilot at the time would be pretty well stuck facing front, doing his instrument checks prior to lift off. So that part is kind of hard to believe.

  18. The pilot didn’t and couldn’t “order” Obama to do jack shit! Are you THAT fucking thick? pilot: “Hey, you get your ass back out there and salute him!” President of the United-Fucking-States: “Oh, okay, I’m sorry. 🙁 ” … seriously? You see that happening?

    As soon as Obama saluted the pilot he realized he’d forgotten the Marine and being the busiest man in the world, he still stopped and went back out to personally apologize to him.

    And dumb fuckers like you will STILL turn this around? Maybe you should drop out of humanity. This is just no place for you.

  19. What a load of crap! Republicans will believe anything!! Stupid sheep lol

  20. You people are so desperate to berate our president. Such losers. Get over it already. You are so frustrated you make stuff up. NO, the pilot didn’t force him off the helicopter.

  21. I’d say it’s still not as disrespectful as sending Americas sons and daughters into a war that they knew was a lie.

  22. Lie he did not disrespect the Marine dumb fucks. For the Marine to be disrespected he would not have gone back down and apologize and shake the hand of the Marine. Typical asswipes that pull things out of content. Thank God 2/3 of the country are like you idiots traitors to this country.

  23. good grief, like a pilot could order the leader of the free world to get back out there and salute a marine. You people just keep making things up to suit your pathetic narrative. This president has shown himself to be exceptionally kind and respectful of the people who work for and around him. Shame on you so called “patriotic americans” who cannot stand democracy (which means you don’t always get the guy you want elected) and who feel free to speak so traitorously of our president.

  24. Your right , he never returned the salute. As commander in chief this gesture should be carried out whenever a soldier salutes you…disrespectful

  25. Hey “Eat Shit”! Mr. Obama was out to lunch, and he not busy taking care of America. I served in the military, and he is the WORST so-call president in all history. Obama never served in the military therefore, he just a guy whom you voted for. Living in style with people’s hard earned money.

  26. Any one in civilian clothes is not required to
    return a salute. As much as I dislike this person I will defend him on this.

  27. he only went back because he was being watched, he should have saluted not shake hands.
    he is just wants to do things his way, very selfish he is-look at me. not for

  28. everyone knows about him and knows about the things he trys to pull. his day is coming soon

  29. Do not include me in that “WE VOTED HIM IN” I never voted for him at all and will never vote democrat ever again and have not since JFK.

  30. I think its pretty obvious what side he leans heaviest on. Maybe Trump was on to something? Why did he have all of his and Hilary’s record’s sealed? Oboma and Hilary will do everything in their powers to stop President Trump. When he wins they will not be able to breath or face themselves in the mirror. It will devastate them so bad How will they survive through it.

  31. When him/her is elected as President, they become the Commander and Chief of the U.S. military. It is respectful to salute the Presidant and it is to be returned in recognition of the honor you give him/her.

  32. Find everything to complain about making things about Race. I served 6 years and I happen to be African American. Why say I bet if the Soldier was Black he would have saluted him? He has always saluted our service men and women so where is this all coming from? Just recently due to all the race issues I see. Lord have mercy on this country because we are doomed. He is almost out of here so why waist your breath and time digging up things to grumble about. Let’s come together and figure out how to fix what is about to transpire between China and US or work towards stopping ISIS? And actually what we really should be doing is holding the Govenment accountable for taking our privacy away…all this facebook…Iphones you not notice that all of a sudden they want to know where we are at and what we are doing? Since when was that important to the Government? Do they suspect we are all terrorist? And for those of you saying certain things about your President regardless of whether you like him or not, do you actually know what can happen to you for certain comments that you make? Better be careful. It’s now a Felony to bad mouth Ground Beef in Colorado! That is the world we live in. GOD BLESS YOU ALL

  33. It is a problem that Blacks still have rights? Aren’t everyone supposed to have rights? Have you talked to or seen every black person? Closed minded assumption making weirdo. My goodness I can’t believe you just said that. How do you know who they respect?

  34. Mm it did not look like he was kicked off. He entered the aircraft the came back out and shook the marines hand. He is not in uniform so it would not be the correct thing to do. I do think you are all making a mountain out of a molehill.


    You mean “Pilot says excuse Mr. President, you forgot to greet one of the boys, it means a lot to us to be recognized by your office sir.”

    Keep believing it little sleepy sheep, everyone deserves to have dreams LOL!

  36. INDEX

    The Roots of Slavery

    The term slave has its origins in the word slav. The slavs, who inhabited a large part of Eastern Europe, were taken as slaves by the Muslims of Spain during the ninth century AD.

  37. Just consider for a moment…Perhaps Obama was going to another site of gun violence and his depression took over while climbing stairs safely. I am sure Obama was thankful for the pilot pointing out his lapse. Shit happens. Did you see how he shook the marine’s hands…genuine. My beef is with a linked in employee who is in charge of veteran outreach, Greg Call: he posts social items like this video! WTF, Its about jobs. Linked In’s lane is for labor to get together with capitalism. To whom it may concern, it would be practical to stay out of linked in and post’s this in Facebook’s lane. That includes a photo of whats for dinner….

  38. I do not really think this pilot had the gust to tell the President Obama anything. That pilot has the best job in the World, and I assure you he want to keep it that way. The President has a lot on his mind and honestly realized what he did and I bet my last dollar Mr. Obama told the pilot wait I just realized I did not salute the soldier at post.

  39. He is not a civilian. He is the commander in chief of the United states military. Would that marine salute him otherwise. Nope. Probably didn’t even vote for him but still rendered proper courtesy. Only military would understand that this was complete disrespect to our military and country. He wouldn’t be living in luxury if it weren’t for men like that marine.


  41. Ok. I posted this on my walk and somebody argued that the pilot didn’t tell Obama to get back down and salute the marine. Thoughts? That was embarrassing

  42. Yea it’s upsetting to see people disrespecting him for realizing a mistake and fixing it. The pilot didn’t have enough time to “order” the president. He realized it on his own and went to personally speak to the marine himself.

  43. It doesn’t matter that you are retired military, many of us are!! What matters is you took the time to show that when you were a soldier, you were also a racist. The military is full of racists, I served with and around many !! I am convinced that in my lifetime, I will never see an end to institutionalized racism. I am ashamed that some people have no problem calling President Obama names and saying rude sick and mean things, about him and his family. In the 51 years I have lived I remember people calling Presidents Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush, a few names. The humor was lighthearted and short lived. The Hatred for Obama has went to a whole other dark twisted place. It is sick, twisted and disgraceful. I am ashamed of all who have participated, you have taught a generation of impressionable young people to fear and hate the Commander in Chief of our Nation and driven a wedge of distrust between races. Congratulations, take a bow, you have earned it !!

  44. Actually when returning from vacation he walked past as the Marine saluted him, that’s why he was told or went back out and did what he did. There was already controversial with that.

  45. Actually, no regulation specifies that the President of the United States, a civilian who holds the position of Commander-in-Chief of the U.S. military, should salute (or return the salutes of) military personnel. In fact, U.S. Army regulations state that neither civilians nor those wearing civilian attire (both of which describe the President of the United States) are required to render salute:

    The President of the United States, as the commander in chief, will be saluted by Army personnel in uniform.

    Civilian personnel, to include civilian guards, are not required to render the hand salute to military personnel or other civilian personnel.

    Salutes are not required to be rendered or returned when the senior or subordinate, or both are in civilian attire.

  46. This is a HUGE load of HORSE SHIT and you know it! It’s difficult to believe you fucking retards actually believe POTUS was ORDERED off an aircraft. SHEESH! #retards

  47. Lie? 1988 Iraq turned its chemical weapons on Iraqi Kurds in the north of the country. Some Kurdish guerrilla forces had joined the Iranian offensive. On 16 March 1988, Iraq dropped bombs containing mustard gas, Sarin and Tabun on the Kurdish city of Halabja. What part was the lie? Typical liberal spin. If it doesnt fit your narrative… LIBERALS ARE PATHETIC CRY BABIES.

  48. Correct English is.. I have been keeping. Point proved.
    I am pretty sure what happened in the video is not as described as it happened. Americans and their race crap again.

  49. Shit you should listen to the Song Alabama NIGGER by the wonderful JOHNNY REB you sorry ass Porch Monkey why are all y’alls joke’s about someone’s mother nothing about father’s guess it’s cause none of y’all know your daddy’s huh if I had a ugly NIGLET for a kid I would split to

  50. In the USMC you can only salute if you are wearing a cover. Obama was without a hat so a salute would not have been appropriate.

  51. Really, I think it’s the dumb and blind Democrats that is why we won the election. Obama Muslim lover has wrecked this country, now Trump will put it back together.

  52. Bad….for a ‘Commander and Chief’ not to have acknowledged the Marine in the 1st place !!!’

  53. you can thank Abe Lincoln for that! all he had to do was send back to Africa! you can blame all the lazy americans who wouldn’t work for the mexican illeagles and all the rest of the mooches in this country,Glad when trump gets wall built!

  54. SNOPES has been proven time and time again, NOT to be an accurate source of information. Get your head out of the sand !!!

  55. You are wrong on this one. The president is the Commander in Chief of the military. He basically holds the rand of a 5 star general but is not required to wear a uniform. Therefore he must return the salute. Civilians are not required to salute in uniform or not.

  56. It is 12/1/16. This is the first time I have seen this video. I couldn’t hear what any of them said at all. I had my volume up all the way.

  57. Your a real piece of fuckin shit jon duncan sparham , you dumb fuckin neandrathal, how do you like that? fuckin loser, I hope you fuckin die a horrible death you dumb cunt, the world will be better without you., wast of fuckin air and space

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