SHARIA LAW -AMERICA’S FUTURE?: Judge Frees ISLAMIC Rapists If They Promise To Do 1 More SICK Thing To Victims

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With mass migration from Islamic countries, rape has skyrocketed as women and children become targets of heinous sex attacks. However, thanks to Muslim apologists, thousands of Muslim sex offenders are allowed to walk free without any jail time if they promise to do just one more sickening thing to their innocent victims.

Islam has operated not only under the Sharia legislation put in place 1,400 years ago but more so by the modeling of their prophet Muhammad. Since Muhammad married a 6-year-old girl, pedophilia and child marriage is rampant in Islamic countries. Because he took sex slaves for himself and his men, rape and sexual assault are plaguing Western countries that allow in Muslim invaders.

Although leftists ignorantly excuse the barbarity of Muslim migrants by claiming this to be a response to our own racism and intolerance, they fail to see that this savagery stems not from their disgust with our Western culture but from their very own religious and political inhumanity.

Considered a close ally by U.S. President Barack Obama, Turkey is often cited for its alleged advancement of “moderate Islam.” Hoping to show just how Islam can succeed as a progressive movement in the 21st century, liberals love to point to its civility. Of course, they fail to mention one massive dark secret that completely obliterates any possibility of there being a moderate Islam with which we can coexist.

A shocking report by Daily Mail highlights the horrific plight of rape victims in “moderate” Turkey, which has spared thousands of rapists and sex offenders a jail sentence by allowing them to opt out of prison if they choose to marry their victim.

According to Mustafa Demirdag, who heads Turkey’s Court of Appeals department, judges are literally letting rapists decide the fate of their victims, adding that children as young as 5 could suffer the consequences of these rulings.

Around 3,000 victims have been forced to marry their rapist in a political scheme to diminish sexual assault. The unbelievably high figure was released after Turkish parliament created a commission to investigate sex crimes.

According to Turkish newspaper Milliyet, Demirdag cited one case in which a young girl was gang-raped by 3 men. He criticized the fact that each of the rapists was given the option to marry the girl, who obviously didn’t stand a chance, considering at least one would agree in order to avoid prison. She was forced to marry one of her attackers, a decision by the court that Demirdag says will haunt him for life.

Turkish girls protest Turkey’s “honor code,” which allowed a Muslim father to restore family honor after his 13-year-old daughter was raped by selling her in marriage to her rapist.

To show the backward nature of such legislation, Demirdag divulged another ruling in which an 8-year-old was forced by her mother to perform graphic sex acts on the mother’s lover. The mother and lover were released without incident because the court could find no fault in the sadistic pair’s abuse.

Demirdag referenced yet another case in which a 15-year-old girl eloped with a boy she loved. By the time police found the pair, they had already been married for years and had 3 children together. He explained that the court now wants to sentence him to 16 years and 8 months in prison because the youngsters were married against their parents’ permission.

Still, Muslim apologists will say that these rulings have nothing to do with Islam but are a twisted interpretation. However, there is only one interpretation of the Quran’s violent commands and that’s Muhammad’s interpretation, which he modeled quite literally.

Muhammad waited to have sex with his 6-year-old child bride Aisha until she turned 9, perhaps because she was deathly ill for some time during the first few years of their marriage. If the Messenger of Allah, Islam’s “perfect man,” committed no offense by having sex with a child, how can it be wrong for any Muslim man to do the same?

After slaughtering every last man and boy of the Jewish tribes surrounding Medina, Muhammad tookRayhana and Safiyya, 2 women whose families he butchered, for his own sexual pleasure. He told his men to take their share of sex slaves and not to feel guilty ejaculating into them because “no soul that which Allah has destined to exist but will surely come into existence.” If Muhammad and his men could rightfully take any women they wanted as sex slaves, why then would Muslims be forbidden from doing the same?

In even the most “moderate” Islamic countries, the barbarity of Sharia law denies women, children, and religious minorities the most basic human rights. It is only in countries that haven’t yet implemented all Islamic laws that there is any room for freedom. Unfortunately, it is with the growth of the Muslim population over time that their influence promotes Sharia law in full force.


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