SHOCKING! ISIS Publishes New Hit List- You Won’t Believe Who’s On It!

Radical Islam

ISIS has published a hit list targeting high profile Muslims including Hillary Clinton’s long-time aide Huma Abedin.

The list of moderate Muslim targets was published in the terrorist group’s glossy propaganda magazine Dabiq – which is aimed at recruiting jihadists from the West.

Abedin, who has been Clinton’s top aide since the mid-1990s, was named as a ‘politically active apostate’ alongside US Rep. Keith Ellison of Minnesota and British Members of Parliament Sayeeda Warsi and Sajid Javid.

The magazine encouraged its followers to kills the prominent Western Muslims who they branded as ‘overt crusaders’ who ‘involve themselves in the politics and enforcing laws of the kufr (disbelievers).’

Political aide Abedin, who is married to New York Congressman Anthony Weiner, first began working for Clinton while she was still in college at George Washington University, being assigned to the then first lady after getting a White House internship.

Since then, Hillary has rarely seen in public without Abedin by her side. The onetime junior staffer and ‘body woman’ has risen through the ranks to become vice chairman of the Democratic front-runner’s presidential campaign.

And she has been discussed publicly as a potential White House Chief of Staff in a potential Hillary Clinton presidency.


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