Store Owners Forces Islamic Woman To Remove Hijab, Then Everyone See’s What She Was Hiding

Radical Islam

Muslims act like they are superior to non-Muslims because they claim their moral code is much higher. In this video you will see that Muslims are as much at risk of moral crimes as anyone else.

Woman wearing a hijab goes to the supermarket to do some ‘shopping’ but instead turns her religious garb into a vehicle for crime. In the VIDEO employees at the market accuse her of hiding things in her hijab. She gets angry when they tell her to hand over the items and reluctantly removes an item from her clothing. She removes another and places it in a bag. They still aren’t satisfied so she is taken to what appears to be the boss of the store.

The boss starts yelling at her and instructing her in what I assume to be Arabic. She begins to unload a number of items and it begins to look like one of those clown cars where you think no more clowns can fit in there, then one more thins comes out. After she removes a bunch more items throwing them angrily on the floor, the boss seems satisfied.

In a huff she turns around and stomps out of the store. This little lady had no right to be angry but I guess in a religion so righteous they don’t learn humility when caught red-handed. Based on my limited knowledge of Sharia law, she’s lucky she didn’t get her hand chopped off for stealing. Such a dumb risk to take for a bottle of dish soap. WATCH the video below.

One person commented saying, “If she is stealing dishwashing liquid, she has no resources and she needs help. Stealing is such a crime in the Muslim religion that she has to be desperate. She needs social services, not our condemnation,”
Others had no sympathy for the woman, shaming her for her actions.

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