Ted Nugent’s 20 Reasons to Vote TRUMP Goes Instantly Viral, Libs HORRIFIED

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Donald Trump would be winning in a landslide if it were not for “Never Trumpers.” But, for all those in staunch opposition to Trump, Ted Nugent himself has a mountain of simple reasons why they should get on the Trump train!

If all of our enemies are against Trump, then we should be for him! Besides, a whole host of positive things will automatically happen if Donald Trump is elected president. Hillary inspires angry reactions, but Trump, if given enough time, will get this country back on track. You can see Nugent and his 20 reasons in full below…

Trump is disliked by many, yes, but they dislike him because he threatens their control. Their threat to the American way of life will be over if Donald Trump is our next President.

On the bottom of the list, but certainly one of the most important points, Nugent listed the “hateful, violent, racist liberals.” You know, the ones who Hillary paid to cause discord and trouble at some of Donald Trump’s rallies? Yes, those type of people.

The establishment politicians in both parties also dislike Trump, which is another good reason to support him. For many years, American citizens have been disgusted with both parties. They seem to have “you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours” type of policy. It is disgusting, and given enough time it will contribute to the undoing of our country.

The worst offenders are Clinton and her Democrats. These people are nothing more than selfish individuals masquerading as champions of the people and with Hillary’s blessing they will destroy this country piece by piece.

Finally, globalists are against Donald Trump as well. America has already lived under the strain of these world organizations for too many years. They always make our country settle for less.

Luckily, some hope does exist. Many people are realizing that globalism simply does not work. Brexit is one example. We can expect Donald Trump not to bend to the will of countries in the EU or countries in the flawed UN.

If you want a president who is not beholden to the special interests, you are after a rare breed indeed. Jeb Bush wouldn’t have been your guy. Ted Cruz wouldn’t have worked either. Only Donald Trump has promised to take on both parties, so he is your man.

All of the strategies Trump has proposed are designed to accomplish one task and one task only: Make America Great Again. Our frustrations over politicians who do not care about the common person will become a thing of the past under a Trump administration.

Hillary represents more of the same. She is not the answer, and that is why Ted Nugent will never vote for her.


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