Trump Protester Wearing KKK Hood Meets Black Trump Supporter… Does NOT End Well For Him


Donald Trump was all over Arizona today, and enraged Communist Bernie Sanders Supporters, illegal aliens and Muslim agitators protested and even blocked roads to try and stop him.

At Trump’s rally in Tucson, some sick protesters even wore KKK hoods while stomping on American flags, while calling Trump a “racist”:

Trump had to stop his rally to order their removal, and was disgusted by the sight:

While police were leading the KKK hood-wearing, White protesters, two of them went past a Black Trump supporter while pumping their fists in the air:


That was a BAD move, the little puke soon found out, as the Black Trump supporter unleashed some instant karma upon him:


It was caught on video. Liberal narratives to dissolve in 3…2…1..


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