WATCH – ‘Bikers For Trump’ Hold MASSIVE Rally For Trump, THIS TURNOUT IS INSANE

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The ranks of the Bikers for Trump group are swelling. Patriotic bike fans from across the nation are doing their part to put a non-career politician and a true patriot in the White House.

A recent Bikers for Trump rally drew hundreds of folks eager to offer their help and support to the outsider candidate. The keynote speakers for the event proudly stated that not only does Donald Trump have the support of bikers, but he is also the candidate of choice for our military men and women and our veterans.

Now that, my fellow patriots, is an endorsement that actually means something. Mainstream media pundits have worked themselves into a lather wondering (likely hoping) if the “unendorsements” by the GOP elite in Washington D.C. will sink Trump in the polls.

“The backbone of the bikers groups is the veteran, and veterans always show up” to vote, one of the Bikers for Trump speakers said at the passionate rally. Veterans are not going to forget Hillary Clinton’s decision to leave Americans behind in Benghazi and then falsely claim not a single life was lost during the regime change she brokered in Libya.

Bikers are an independent lot by nature. They, like all good patriots, realize we are at a tipping point in America.

For far too long, this once great nation has been controlled by a federal government that has been allowed to grossly overstep its power and authority over our lives. The career politicians have forgotten they are elected by the people to serve us—not CONTROL us!

It is rather humorous to sit back on the couch and listen to liberal pundits and their equally liberal “experts” discuss how the unendorsement by Rob Portman will cost Trump Ohio and ultimately the presidency. The journalists sitting in NYC apparently think they have the pulse of Ohioans.

“Rob Portman is incredibly popular in Ohio,” the liberals over at MSNBC are fond of saying. He is? He has held his seat many times, as embedded career politicians usually do, but that doesn’t make him or his opinions matter in the hearts and minds of Ohio voters—particularly ones who live in rural areas, which comprise most of the state. Portman would need the aid of a GPS to even find his way to most of the counties he represents.

Working class, middle class, and unionized workers typically vote a straight Democrat ticket. Not this year.

Enormous portions of those traditionally DNC voting blocks realize liberals have taken over their party and that Hillary Clinton is a vile human being who cannot be trusted, and they want to ensure the livelihood and safety of their families. Voting for Trump not only protects America, but it sends a definitive message to Washington:  the era of the career politician is over, and the people are taking this country back!

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  1. Don’t abandon him, Guys. You understand him and his “appreciation” of women. Dad was a biker way before there were any “outlaws” and I was raised with them. Aside from bawdy language and jokes that Dad sent me to the house to avoid, those boys were gentlemen and loyal to the bone. I doubt Trump rides, but he’s cut from that same earthy cloth and I like it. Trump will stand for the virtues we once knew in America and he will do all he can for our veterans.

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