WATCH What This ISLAMIC FREAK Does When He Sees Bikini Clad Women In Florida

Radical Islam

They were just out to cool themselves down on a hot summer day. The problem on this particular day however, was what they were wearing while they did it, and who saw it. These poor girls got a lot more than they bargained for when a Muslim man happened upon them. Things very quickly took a turn for the worst when the Islamist was arrogant enough to confront the ladies. As if confronting them for wearing bikinis wasn’t enough, added shock value came when they saw what was in his hands…

This video is incredibly alarming, but even more INFURIATING…

Really? This happened in FLORIDA! They see a few girls wearing bathing suits at a poolside family party, and they have the audacity to start yelling at them- then pull a taser on the girls? This is America, it would do them some good to recognize that. Tolerance will only get them so far, for so long. Keep beating on a sleeping giant, they eventually wake up. Pissed.


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