YESS!! Landowner Pulls A Gun On Migrants- When They Report It To The Police, THEY GET A DOSE OF REALITY!!

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For those that insist on trespassing on other people’s property, they need to be cognizant of a simple fact of life. That homeowner could very well be armed, and they’re taking a serious risk that their wandering will lead to some serious peril. According to Mad World News, that’s what happened to this group of people in Sweden, and they were pretty surprised that the cops didn’t share their indignation at how the situation played out.

A group of migrants found their way onto a farmer’s property in Strömsund, Sweden, and apparently became pretty fascinated with the livestock that occupied the farm. The farmer didn’t take too kindly to their unannounced and unwelcome visit, and promptly confronted them with a rifle. The migrants were taken aback by the threat from the farmer and proceeded to call the cops to report him.

The migrants finally moved on when they didn’t receive the response they were looking for from police. They would eventually receive some attention from police, just not in the manner they had anticipated. Six of them were hauled in and detained by police for questioning in regards to the trespassing incident.

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