Congress Releases Final Bombshell Report. OBAMA ROBBED $2.6B FROM VETERANS Gives $4.5 BILLION To ISLAMIC REFUGEES

We are living in a country that treats Syrian refugees better than our veterans. That is the America that Obama has created.

Under Obama, the Veterans Affairs (VA) has been one of the most mismanaged government entities since 2008. In fact, it has gotten so bad that Obama should be charged with treason for how poorly and disgustingly he has treated our men and women in uniform.
Just when you think Obama cannot treat our vets any worse, he proves us all wrong.

American heroes cannot make doctor appointments, the cost of treatment is insanely high, and over 307,000 veterans have died while waiting for care. As bad as the problems have gotten, no one has been held accountable.

The most recent act of treason came when the VA appeared before Congress and argued that they were short $2,600,000,000 in their budget because that money was taken by Obama and placed in his Syrian refugee program.

The Secretary of Veteran Affairs, Robert McDonald, told Congress that if they are not provided an additional $2.6 billion, they will be forced to deny veterans the care they deserve.

Since 2008, the VA has been so underfunded, they are forced to deny vets everything ranging from doctor appointments to suicidal help, and now Obama is cutting their funding by $2.6 billion so that he can resettle Syrian refugees inside the United States.

Congress was forced to vote on and pass an emergency spending bill worth $3.5 billion.

Immediately following that, Obama’s administration sent an additional $4.5 billion to help rebuild Syrian mosques and homes. On top of that, Obama has sent an additional $419 million to Syria for “humanitarian aid.”  READ MORE

0 thoughts on “Congress Releases Final Bombshell Report. OBAMA ROBBED $2.6B FROM VETERANS Gives $4.5 BILLION To ISLAMIC REFUGEES

  1. Who has the balls to prosecute the Obama and Hillary Clinton. This needs to be done. As an example that means both will be charged with. TREASON, being a trader. There is evidence to back and support this.why in the hell has nothing been done. we the people of America needs answers.

  2. 2 things. Official documents from Kenya that Obama was born in Luma Kenya. Oh and he is probably not Irish either since his white mom from Hawaii is not his mother.

  3. Why should this surprise anyone. Democrats have always hated our military and want to make America a third world country like Kenya, where Obama was born.

  4. The proof was all over the news for months! Patients dying, denied care, or given terrible care. Obama will go down in history as the most corrupt, Anti-American president to ever reside in the White House!


  6. Our country is being invaded, our treasury is being robbed, and we are being set-up for a Muslim take-over! The facts are there, yet so many people won’t even talk about them. So many are in denial and won’t be bothered to search for the truth but will believe Democrat lies… sad for our country! Google “Brigette Gabrielle” and listen to her personal experiences of a Muslim take-over! If you call yourself an American….ACT LIKE IT!

  7. Do you get the proper treatment when you need it? Are you a Veteran? Where’s your proof that it didn’t happen? Back yours up! I have friends that have been fighting for the past years for treatment from the VA. Do you? I have sent numerous boxes of supplies to our military overseas because the PX had empty shelves! Yet you still have the freedom to talk like you have walked the walk! Spill it…what’s your story?!

  8. Obuthole is gone, but not far enough. Jail this illegitimate mockery of a one time president. Will never get our money back just like the last time the Democrats stole the Social Security trust fund

  9. Steve m widdle mind can’t understand what’s going on in the world I won’t waste my time explaining this to your libtard mind so Stfu and leave this conversation to the adults

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