A Federal Court Just Told Biden To Cut It Out Immediately…


A federal judge in Tennessee has temporarily blocked Biden administration directives allowing biological men who want to be identified as transgender to play WOMAN-only sports.

On Friday, Judge Charles Atchley Jr. of the Eastern District of Tennessee ruled that the administration’s directives would make it impossible for some states to enforce their own laws on transgender athletes’ participation in girls’ sports and access to bathrooms.

Biden’s transgender policy allows biological MEN who identify themselves as transgender to enter locker rooms and use bathrooms of biological WOMEN.

Last year, a coalition of 20 Republican attorneys general brought a lawsuit against the federal government, noting that they stood to lose significant federal funding as the Biden directives were in conflict with their own state laws.

Here’s what Atchley wrote in his ruling on Friday:

“As demonstrated above, the harm alleged by the Plaintiff States is already occurring — their sovereign power to enforce their own legal code is hampered by the issuance of Defendants’ guidance and they face substantial pressure to change their state laws as a result.” 

More details of this report from The Daily Wire:

Tennessee’s Attorney General Herbert Slatery led the lawsuit and claimed that the justification for DOE’s and EEOC’s guidance rested on a false interpretation of Bostock v. Clayton County, which declared that it was discriminatory for a private business to fire or hire somebody based on their gender identity or sexual orientation under Title VII.

“These agencies also have misconstrued the Supreme Court’s Bostock decision by claiming its prohibition of discrimination applies to locker rooms, showers, and bathrooms under Title IX and Title VII and biological men who identify as women competing in women’s sports, when the Supreme Court specifically said it was not deciding those issues in Bostock,” Slatery argued in August 2021 lawsuit, Courthouse News reported at the time.

The lawsuit also said that the Biden administration “purports to resolve highly controversial and localized issues such as … whether individuals may be compelled to use another person’s preferred pronouns. But the agencies have no authority to resolve those sensitive questions, let alone to do so by executive fiat without providing any opportunity for public participation.”

The attorneys general argued that the agencies in question were “usurping authority that properly belongs to Congress, the States, and the people and to eliminate the nationwide confusion and upheaval that the agencies’ recent guidance has inflicted on States and other regulated entities.”

Prior to the injunction, DOE could have enacted various sanctions on schools or colleges that did not comply with their transgender guidance. Ultimately, the attorneys general challenging the administration want the court to declare the policies “invalid and unlawful and to prohibit their enforcement.”

The Biden administration has recently suffered major setbacks when attempting to enforce new policies on states in other domestic issues.

In June, the Supreme Court ruled 6-3  in West Virginia v. The Environmental Protection Agency that the EPA lacked the authority to curb greenhouse gases in order to bring about a transition away from coal energy throughout the country because it was not specifically granted that power by Congress.

We need more Judges like Atchley, and if we allow Democrats to rule our country it will become a wasteland in the near future. 

Sources: TheDailyWire, CourthouseNews