After Obama’s Birth Certificate Is Released One Supreme Court Chief Justice Drops MAJOR Bombshell


The theory that Obama wasn’t born in America, therefore making him an illegitimate President, is shared by many people including former Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore.

Moore previously stated he doesn’t believe Obama was born in America sparking a huge debate.

It was reported earlier:


If you were ever one to question Obama’s real nation of origin you would have been labeled a “Birther” by the radical left and the media. There is a good reason why a President of the United States is required to be born in the country. If the President was indeed born in a foreign country, he may not have Americ’s best interest at heart.


Many of Obama’s actions during his eight years as President seemed as if he didn’t have our country’s best interest in mind. After all, look at how divided we are since he left office. The country is facing a crisis like we haven’t seen in decades, and Obama and the Democrats are to blame for that.


Now thanks to Obama’s half brother, we have been given more information on his actual birth place. Malik Obama has spent years trying to reveal the truth about Barack Obama and tweeted an image back in March possibly revealing Obama’s true birth certificate.


Malik Obama, Barack Obama’s half-brother, tweeted an image of what appears to be Barack’s birth certificate.

Except it’s not from Hawaii, but rather Kenya.

The media is already labeling Malik’s release as a giant conspiracy. Americans should admit it is important to be cautious until the evidence is reviewed. The liberal calling card is to jump to conclusions that fit their agenda, no matter what the evidence really is, and that is the last thing conservatives should do.


If the information provided by Malik is proven true, what would that mean for Obama? Is there anything that can be done or is it too little too late? Either way, it hasn’t stopped Moore from trying to get to the bottom of the situation.

Moore has been calling into question Obama’s legitimacy since 2008. Since that time, he has consistently made his position very clear on the matter.


According to The Hill

Former Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore has in the past raised questions about whether former President Barack Obama is a natural-born citizen.

During a Constitution Party meeting in December, Moore, a GOP candidate in Alabama’s Senate special election, was asked about how he defines a natural-born citizen as a qualification for president.

“My opinion is, there is a big question about that,” Moore said, according to CNN’s KFile.


“My personal belief is that he wasn’t, but that’s probably over and done in a few days unless we get something else to come along.”
In 2008, Moore also raised questions about Obama’s citizenship.
“I don’t see any reason a candidate who has such a serious question would not come forward with the truth about where he was born,” Moore said in 2008.
“Obama has the answer,” Moore added. “He knows where he was born. If he tells something that’s untrue that’s another matter. It’s not an Obama issue, it’s an American issue. It’s about the Constitution of the United States.”
Moore has called into question Obama’s citizenship other times since 2008, according to CNN.

Malik Obama’s recent revelation has certainly reignited a debate that Barack Obama would rather see stay buried, but many people are determined to get to the bottom of it. If Obama did lie, there is probably not much that can be done but it would mean he lied. If the former president did lie, what was to stop him from being dishonest about numerous other important issues that could have far reaching implications.

Obama has gotten away with his crimes long enough, and it’s time he answers for them. He should never have been able to run for President, and our country would have been better off if he didn’t. The American people deserve to know the truth. What do you think?