Alec Baldwin Caught Openly Threatening A Twitter User For Criticizing Him!


Now, you can’t crack a joke with this self-entitled shooter. I mean, Alec Baldwin should exercise more self-control knowing his history of shooting that killed a woman on the set of Rustand.

Recently, Baldwin responded to a Twitter user who made a joke about the shooting on the set of Rustand promised to find the man.

The incident occurred Wednesday when Baldwin tweeted hypocritical criticisms of  President Trump.

Here’s what hypocritical Baldwin tweeted:

“Trump tried to strangle a Secret Service agent. I mean…what more do you need?”

This was a reference to recent testimony provided by Cassidy Hutchinson, a top aide to former Trump chief of staff Mark Meadows, before the House Select Committee investigating the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol.

We know Baldwin has a history of being prone to fits of rage though.

A Twitter user by the name of Mike Williams responded:

“Better than shooting [your] cinematographer.”

In the now-deleted tweet, Baldwin responded:

“When I am eventually not charged with any crime, I’ll come find you so you can apologize.”

“I’ll find you Mike.”

Well, that’s just creepy…

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Washington Examiner is the first to report the testy Twitter exchange:

“Trump tried to choke a Secret Service agent,” Baldwin tweeted Tuesday, according to screenshots, as the tweets have since been deleted. “I mean … what more do you need?”

“Better than shooting [your] cinematographer,” Williams replied.

“When I am eventually not charged with any crime, I’ll come find you so you can apologize,” Baldwin fired back. “I’ll find you Mike.”

Williams shared a screenshot of the now-deleted response from Baldwin:

Newsweek got some scope of the story:

Spotting the comment, Baldwin came back at him: “When I am eventually not charged with any crime, I’ll come find you so you can apologize.” Baldwin added: “I’ll find you Mike.”

The tweet was taken down by Baldwin but Williams’ reply is still up. “This is the best day ever. Come and get me. I’m waiting Alex,” he wrote, seemingly unperturbed by Baldwin’s message. He continued to reply to comments in the same thread from Baldwin’s original message.

We know Baldwin has problems, and those problems are only going to get bigger…

Since the shooting incident, Baldwin has returned to work on a different project, and recently generated controversy by interviewing filmmaker Woody Allen.

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