Biden Just Made Another Huge Move To Hike Gas Prices…


In the midst of the historic gas crisis America is currently facing, Joe Biden has proposed blocking all new drilling in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans as the world cries out for more energy from more sources far from Russia, the Middle East, and the OPEC oil cartel.

According to reports, exploration and production of oil and gas on onshore federal lands will be shut down by the Biden regime, while acknowledging the importance of fossil fuels in the U.S. energy landscape.

The draft plan, released on July 1 by the Interior Department, lays out several options for public input as to how many offshore oil and gas lease sales should be held over the next five years, ranging from nearly a dozen new leases to zero.

Here’s what Interior Department Secretary Deb Haaland said in a statement:

“The proposed plan puts forward several options from no lease sales up to 11 lease sales over the next five years. The time for the public to weigh in on our future is now.”

Haaland also said that the plan “removes from consideration the federal waters off the Atlantic and Pacific coasts.”

Adding, “From Day One, President Biden and I have made clear our commitment to transition to a clean energy economy.” 

The DOI plan makes it very clear that the Biden administration is not guaranteeing the possible permitting or lease for drilling in the allowed regions either. It says, “Inclusion of an area or a potential lease sale in the Proposed Program does not mean that it will be included in the final National OCS Program.”

The proposal comes amid rising gas prices and record-setting inflation. The move should come as no surprise, as Biden vowed to ban offshore fossil fuel drilling during his campaign.

In June, Biden sent a scathing letter to the CEOs of the nation’s major oil companies asking them to produce more oil. However, he has followed up that initiative with the usual policy failure, now looking to block that expanded production. 

During a legislative session earlier this year, Democrats had urged Biden to do more to stop offshore drilling in the Gulf of Mexico.

The plea followed his administration breaking his campaign promise to ban new oil and natural gas leases on public lands and waters in November by approving new oil drilling leases on 1.7 million acres of federal land in the Gulf of Mexico.

The Biden administration is also under pressure from Republican-leaning states, including 14 states that sued his administration for suspending the leasing of new oil and gas drilling on federal lands, arguing it drove up energy costs, the UPI report outlined.

The White house had paused oil and gas leases in February amid a fight with Republican states over the use of carbon cost metric that put a high cost on emissions damage, but resumed them a few months ago under pressure to lower energy costs.

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