Famous actress Betty White’s health, at age 94, has seriously declined. Reports are that she hasn’t been seen in public recently, as she’s reportedly suffering from a serious level of Alzheimer’s.

Beloved by millions of fans, this is tragic news:

Beloved Betty White is secretly battling brain-robbing Alzheimer’s, friends fear. The 94-year-old Hollywood legend has kept a low profile since her birthday in January, making just one guest TV appearance on a prerecorded episode of NBC’s short-lived series Crowded in April, can exclusively reveal.

But what viewers didn’t see, according to sources, is the meltdown the actress had at the taping, struggling to find words and unable to remember her lines!

“Betty fears she’s losing her mind,” confided a source close to the aging star. “It was a terrible scene at the taping. The more she tried to get her lines, the worse it got, until she was in tears.”

Via Radar Online

An insider reports that Betty “says she was so well prepared, but when it came time to deliver, she felt she didn’t know where she was. Almost all her words disappeared from her mind.”

White, who won 8 Emmy Awards for roles in The Mary Tyler Moore Show and The Golden Girls, has had a career that has lasted more than 75 years. Most recently, she starred as Elka Ostrovsky on TV Land’s Hot in Cleveland, which she has won two consecutive Screen Actors Guild Awards.  VIA

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  1. I don’t care who you are Betty White is one person you have to say she is the sweetest lady to ever appear on TV. God speed golden girl!!!

  2. Betty I Love you for all the years that you have given to us. May God Bless You and guide you through your Twilight Years.

  3. Thank you Betty White for your dedication to care and help for animals. I am a fan of you too. You are a remarkable woman.❤️

  4. Betty your a wonderful example of a human being your kind, beautiful, loving, funny, elegant, prayers to you for comfort.

  5. Thank you for loving animals n giving us wonderful memories of ll your sows. God bless you praying for you n your family.

  6. Thank you for all the laughs. You are a gem, and a wonderful woman to watch in your skits.

  7. Betty you take care of you right now. You have entertained me wonderfully and I adore you! Please relax and take care of you now. We will be here when your ready and healthy to come back! Your the best!!!!

  8. Betty White, You Have Always Been A Lady That I Admire and Respect To The Fullest. I hope everyone gets to know how Big Your Heart Truely Is ! Your Legacy Will Be That Of Laughter, An Amazing Entertainer and So Much Kindness …GOD BLESS YOU FOR SHARING YOUR LIFE WITH ALL OF US !

  9. Dearest Betty White, you are in my heart every night just before sleep,with laughter in my brains, along with your other Golden Girls! Love you all dearly!

  10. Please remove duplicate comment, clicked “post” twice by accident! Thanks!

  11. I will always love you on golden girls. Thank you for still making me laugh on the hallmark channel

  12. I knew Betty from being around her in Hollywood. I never “worked” directly with her but I was around her a lot and she is one of the warmest, kindest, sweetest, people you would ever want to meet. Such an upbeat, happy, FUNNY, lady who is a huge advocate for animals and she means it. I hate to see her like this, I am sure it is difficult for her. She is such an adorable human being. Hollywood never changed her, and that is remarkable. God bless, you Betty.

  13. Those shows could have been taped earlier on before the shows were suppose to air. Just saying….

  14. Dear Ms.Betty White, your show The Golden Girls has gotten me through some of my Most difficult times. YOU, Are and Always Will be a Most cherished Lady. God Bless You and Restore your health. Unending Love and Thanks for All of your laughter you brought to us. All of our love and prayers.

  15. What a lovely lady Betty White is! She has not only entertained all of us for years, but has been a fierce fighter for animal rights and welfare. I love animals too, and I thank her from the bottom of my heart for all she has done over the years, to help animals. I am so very sorry to know that she is so ill. She truly is a Golden Girl!

  16. So sorry to hear such tragic news. Love you Betty your an awesome lady!!

  17. Tell Betty to contact my Angel– Cynthia Bacon Pronto!! She removes past lives, & much much more. 508-844-8427

  18. Betty, you have aged gracefully and maybe it’s just time for you to relax a little. I have ebuoyed you all these years and will continue to enjoy you through The Golden Girls every night that they run them on Hallmark . You are loved and always will be! You will always be my favorite! ?❤️

  19. Betty white I sure loves your show golden girls and hot Cleveland too you was the best actress there was and sure could dance good too. I hope you can relax they show your twice her in Palm spring ca. Too I love you dearly you was a amazing person . I will always love you too.

  20. Love your work going all the way back to “Life with Elizabeth”! I was a kid then, but recall that series very vividly, as you interacted with the TV audience. So sorry to hear that you are ailing. Praying for you. You have such a legacy of great work; hope you will be able to add to it once you are feeling better. Love you, Betty White!

  21. God bless you Betty. May he take you in his loving arms & give you strength to come through this ordeal. Longer & fuller life with him & through him. We’re praying for you

  22. Thank you so much for your wonderful acting, making me laugh and enjoying life, you are the greatest


  24. I adore Betty White and hope that these health issues are not hers. But at her age, ailments come unfortunately. A brillant actress, singer and dancer..she could do it all! And she even produced her own reality tv show! She has done it all with finess and charm! She is a true sparkling star!

  25. Great actress loved animals the only reason I watched maud is because of Betty white she will be missed by many of us you rip now betty you deserve it

  26. Sounds more like Hillary Clinton than Betty White. Even though there is a huge age difference, Betty White has more on the ball than HRC.

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