There seems to be something that really bothers Donald Trump about Ron DeSantis. There appears to be a shift in the relationship between them, with the latter seemingly becoming obsessed with the former.

In a recent early morning post on Truth Social, Trump went off on DeSantis and his policies, coming off as a bit deranged in the process. Some believe that Trump has DeSantis Derangement Syndrome (DDS).

In reality, DeSantis is only a threat to Trump for the GOP nomination if it is a head-to-head competition, which it will not be. Those anti-Trumpers who believe they can save the world from Trump are actually helping him get nominated. If they truly wanted him to lose, they would have worked together to pick one person, talk everyone else out of running, and allow that individual to go head-to-head with Trump.

Trump needs to be loved, but people like DeSantis a lot more than they like Trump. Instead of making a super-ticket with DeSantis, Trump went on the attack, calling him a “wheelchair over the cliff kind of guy,” just like his hero, failed politician Paul Ryan.

“Great Poll numbers are springing forth for your favorite President, me, against Ron DeSanctus (& Biden). I guess people are finding out that he wanted to CUT SOCIAL SECURITY & RAISE THE MINIMUM AGE TO AT LEAST 70, at least 4 times. LIKEWISE WITH MEDICARE, WANTED BIG CUTS. “HE IS A WHEELCHAIR OVER THE CLIFF KIND OF GUY, JUST LIKE HIS HERO, failed politician Paul Ryan, the FoxNews ratings destroyer who led Mitt Romney’s Presidential Campaign down the tubes. GLOBALIST’S [sic] ALL! WE WANT AMERICA FIRST!!!”

Trump doesn’t seem to realize that the pundits who have supported him since 2016 are being turned off by his behavior, and diehard Trump supporters are now spitting venom at DeSantis supporters. While Trump may get the nomination, he may struggle to win the general election.

The shift in the relationship between Trump and DeSantis is puzzling, as the two men were once allies and friends.

It remains to be seen whether Trump’s attacks on DeSantis will continue, but it is clear that his obsession with him is causing unnecessary drama within the Republican Party. Trump may still get the nomination, but it is possible that his behavior could hurt him in the general election.

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