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We’re living in a dystopic sci-fi nightmare that only gets more bizarre every day.

Not only are we about to encounter three-parent embryos that can pass down traits to their offspring, but now China says they have created viable, artificial sperm.

Via the Daily Mirror:

Scientists have claimed they have found a way for women to have babies without men by creating artificial sperm.

The team from China claim they have created healthy mouse babies by injecting laboratory-made sperm into eggs to produce mouse offspring.


The mouse cells produced were technically “spermatids” – undeveloped sperm that lack tails and cannot swim. Yet when they were injected into mouse eggs, mimicking a common IVF technique called Icsi (intracytoplasmic sperm injection), they delivered viable embryos and healthy, fertile babies.

Why China, home of the one-child policy, even cares enough to bother to make artificial sperm is anyone’s guess, but it’s equally sad that media outlets seem to be heralding the announcement as a marvelous day when men won’t be necessary for the reproductive act to continue the race…

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