Democrats Have SURRENDERED On Their Big Pet Projects!


It may not seem like it, but conservative pressure continues to gain steam on Capitol Hill.

Chalk up another victory for conservatism as Democrats have conceded defeat over two big issues.

You see, the left thought that they would have free rein over this country once Biden took over the country. However, they were wrong. No, the left cannot pass just any crackpot bill that they feel like and have it signed by Sleepy and Creepy Joe. Evidently, a little thing called “checks and balances” keeps getting in their way.

It didn’t take long before people realized that the left’s track record simply wasn’t that strong. They failed early and often. First of all, their “recovery” bill has done nothing but send the economy spiraling, and Biden’s policies did nothing but send them further hurt.

Conservatives were further encouraged by the fact that regular Americans are showing increasing dislike for the left’s policies. Thus, the right continued to bring on the heat.

From The Hill:

“Democrats have turned solidly against the national gas as lawmakers continue to look for ways for pay for a new infrastructure measure that will remake the nation’s roads and bridges. In today’s debate regarding infrastructure and taxes, there is little if any support for a gas tax among progressives. This is especially true among reports that this tax policy lets off the rich and there is still some income inequality that puts the squeeze on the poor.”

If this was all that the Democrats were giving up on, that would be a major story, but there’s more. Also from the Hill:

“The public option insurance plan fell off the national radar, even though it was a major point of contention between moderates and progressives just over year ago when Joe Biden was running for president.”

Oh how the mighty have fallen! The Democrats are abandoning these goals, even though they once fought tooth and nail over them.

First, they are dropping the national gas tax hike because they have finally been forced to admit that the only thing it would do is squeeze the wallets of the poor and the middle class.

Didn’t we just go through years of left-wing environmentalists such as Al Gore and Barack Obama tell us that we all needed a national gas tax hike! EGAD! Who in the Sam Hill thought that making it more expensive for Americans to go to work would win them over to the green energy ideals of the Democrats?

Now, the Democrats are giving up on something that they were hellbent on pushing through just one year ago: the “public option.”

When Biden got in office, the radical leftists kept promising a government-run health care “option” that was only meant to destroy other options. However, Democrats are trying to bury everything in their massive spending bills and they couldn’t cram another one in.

What are the Democrats up to now? They are trying to lower the Medicare age so that more Americans can afford to get sick. However, this won’t work unless they lower it to zero.

This just continues to prove our point: no, the Democrats should not be in the health care business.

What is your opinion on this?