He SPAT On A Store Employee For Being Told To Wear A Mask. It Backfired on Him In SPECTACULAR FASHION! [VIDEO]


Let’s all be real here, the mask issue should not be a political matter and anyone that thinks that it is is not thinking correctly. End of story on that.

If you were going to visit a child in the NICU of a hospital, is it a violation of your rights to ask you to wear a mask so you don’t get a baby sick? Is it a violation of a dentist’s rights to have to wear a mask while they are working on your teeth? Nope.

It is a matter of public health, the same reason why you aren’t supposed to leave tires filled with water, the bugs will make people sick. This is what is happening here, and to be honest, the people that are complaining about it are acting like a bunch of babies about the whole thing. Wear the damn mask, the life you save may be your own. Or that person you tell them you can’t live without.

A tourist staying in Puerto Rico allegedly spit on a grocery store employee who asked him to put on his face mask — and then wound up getting hit right in the face.

Univision reports that police say a man named William Martin Drew went to an Econo grocery store in Rincón, Puerto Rico on Tuesday night while wearing a mask that was dangling around his neck and not covering his face.

When an employee asked the man to put it on, police say the man became aggressive and spat on him — after which he got hit in the face by a security guard.

In a phone camera video recorded by Drew in the aftermath of the incident, the American tourist shows that he has a mouthful of blood after getting hit, and he warns employees that police would be coming to arrest the man who hit him.

“The cops are coming right now to get this piece of sh*t arrested!” he said while pointing at the employee.

Drew also claimed to have been hit by a golf club, although police made no specific mention of a golf club in their report on the incident.

However, according to Univision, Drew was arrested and is due to report to the Aguadilla Court at “a later date.”

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