He Thought It Would Be A Big Laugh To Pee In The Elevator, Then Karma Got Him Hard…


This is when karma hits you instantly…

A young boy in China got a healthy dose of instant karma after he committed a really disgusting prank in an empty elevator.

The boy was riding an elevator and had to take a whiz… so he decided it’d be fun to play a prank on whoever was going to ride the elevator next. So, to be straight to the point about it, he whipped out his penis and peed all over the control buttons.

All of this was caught on the elevator’s surveillance footage.

What the guy didn’t realize was that instant karma was awaiting him. His urine caused the entire control panel and the elevator to short-circuit and stop, trapping him inside what had now become his toilet prison.

In the footage, the lights in the elevator begin to flicker on and off, while the doors open and shut before the boy can get out. Panicking, he begins to push the very same buttons he’s just urinated on, only for the elevator itself to go completely dark.

Apparently, the pee had forced the elevator to short-circuit, with the boy himself locked in until security staff arrived to let him – no doubt somewhat red-faced – out.

According to reprots, the video was then shared by the Chinese authorities, in a bid to warn parents over the conduct of their children.

The debate online now rages over whether or not unruly children should be better disciplined at home. Some argue, however, that it’s simply playful behaviour and that kids will be kids.

It was unclear though on how long the boy was stuck inside the elevator before he eventually got rescued, but boy He got what he deserved.

So the next time you’re thinking about pulling a prank, make sure you’re prepared. Otherwise, you might end up being the one who gets pranked.


Source: AWM