Liberal Hack Acosta Caught Going Off On Profanity Laced Tirade!


It is no secret CNN has been losing viewers since former President Trump left office at a record rate. The Atlanta-based cable news network dropped nearly half of its audience in key measurable stats since January following a brief post-Election Day spike, according to Nielsen Media Research.

This is because they restructured their entire company around anti-American rage-bait content which has almost entirely evaporated since January 20th.

CNN has been cultivating a positive “Young Geriatric” image for Biden while demonizing President Donald Trump in alleged undercover footage they admitted.

In fact, they admit to being pro-Biden and anti-Trump propaganda fairly outright when asked in the proper setting.

CNN has also been covering up the true data regarding Asian attacks in America in order to cultivate what many believe to be an anti-white message that is not backed up by any of the data in alleged video footage.

They are also being sued by Project Veritas for their alleged defamatory lies on air.

These same top-level directors and staffers also allegedly admit to falsely pumping CCP Virus stories in order to prime their audience into over-emotionality by fear-baiting them with one-sided Covid content. It turns out Trump was absolutely correct when he berated Jim Acosta for intentionally inducing panic in the country surrounding the CCP virus. (Watch the video below)

They also intentionally covered up the border crisis that President Trump had reversed during his presidency which has now exploded under the Joe Biden Regime at a faster pace than ever before in American history.

With Biden as President*, however, the use of Trump and Covid as scapegoats is much mooter. Therefore, CNN is now completely irrelevant, having destroyed any semblance of objectivity, ethics, or patriotism long ago.

Therefore, in a last-ditch effort to create headlines and pump up ratings and rage, Jim Acosta hurled whatever curse words he could find in the journalistic dregs as he circled the drain on live TV.

Fox News is a CNN competitor that is consistently pummeling CNN in the ratings because it is seen as much more centrist, fair, and reliable in its reporting. And Acosta couldn’t have any of that.

Watch the desperation in Jim Acosta’s face as he demands attention by says ‘bullsh*t’ multiple times.

Watch it here: Fox News/Youtube

Sources: 100percentfedup