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A 16-year-old Colorado teen was kidnapped from a bus stop and facing further danger when she made a quick decision that just may have saved her life. According to the Daily Mail, she was able to free herself and stab her kidnapper with his own knife.

The unidentified teen was waiting for a bus at a stop in Edgewater. The suspect would pull up to the stop and offer the teen a ride. She agreed and entered the vehicle, but she would quickly realize that was a poor decision.

As they got close to where the teen lived, the suspect would pull into an alleyway and brandish a knife. He tied the teen up and drove for a while on the Interstate when the teen sensed an opportunity to free herself. She had managed to free one of her hands and discovered the man’s knife was on the floorboard. After grabbing the knife, she was able to turn the tables on the kidnapper and believes she stabbed him in the shoulder and rib cage.

Stunned, the suspect would bring the vehicle to a stop. The teen was able to take off and make her way to a nearby residence to get some help, while the still unidentified man was able to drive away.

“She kept her cool, which is tough to do in a situation like that. She had a plan and she carried that plan out. She basically saved herself from a much more serious incident,” said Edgewater Police Chief John Hough.

Source: Mail Online

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  1. Should have kept stabbing him aiming for his throat and face and heart, One less scum to deal with, but good for her

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