Megan McCain Just Dropped A Truth Bomb On Biden’s Gatekeeper!


I mean yesterday wasn’t just the Biden administration’s worst nightmare – many of our troops die and a number of innocent people lost their lives. It was the most horrific day for America…

We lost 13 brave soldiers and lots of innocent people die during the two suicide bombings at the cluster-bleep Kabul airport.

But the Biden administration is acting like it’s not a big deal and looks like it was all planned by him.

Also during the suicide bombings, 20 soldiers are injured and 10 of them are in critical condition. Let’s all keep them in our prayers and hope that no more deaths are coming. How Biden handled this crisis made Americans be more furious about the administration’s action especially when it was reported that 13 militaries were killed.

What happened with the US military in Afghanistan was recorded as the most deadly day for the US military in a decade.

It is very ridiculous how Biden handling things in Afghanistan, he and his entire administration literally doing nothing. Like nothing.

And despite this no action from the administration here we go Jen Psaki claiming that it was the most successful evacuation the world has ever seen. It’s obvious that she was just trying to divert what the administration failed to do.


You don’t get to sink the ship and then brag about filling up your lifeboats.

That’s not how the real world works, but that’s the message that Team Biden was trying to spin…and then the bombings happened, and they clammed up.

We didn’t see Biden for 7 whole hours…we didn’t see Jen Psaki for about 8 or 9. It was a disaster in Kabul and a disaster in the US.

It just shows how inept and ineffective Biden is and his admin is…and people are frustrated…including a Biden voter by the name of Meghan McCain.

Maybe she regrets that disastrous vote for Bumbling Joe?

Well, she’s certainly angry at Jen Psaki and she let the snarky red-head have it with both barrels – and even dropped an “f-bomb” on her head.

Here’s what Meghan said: “Spin this f**king one Psaki.”

Clearly, people are fed up with all of this – they’re fed up with the weaknesses, the ineptitude, and the propaganda.

It’s not yet even a year after Biden has stolen the 2020 presidential election, but what is happening is such a disastrous event for the whole nation.

That’s why I don’t believe that 81 million people voted him, and if you think they did, you’re probably as cognitively off as Joe is.

Source: Wayne Dupree