Michigan Witness Speaks Out — Saw the Biden Ballot Dump at 4 AM and Witnessed Tampering with Tabulators! (VIDEO)


Another witness has come forward to describe what she saw at the vote-counting in Detroit. Articia Bomer, a candidate for office said that she saw multiple instances of voter fraud.

She has given a rundown of the things she witnessed during the counting of the votes and the list is quite long.

Here is what Bomer claims she saw:

  • Hearing an announcement of 50 boxes at 4am: the Biden Ballot Dump!
  • Hearing that the Biden Ballot Dump was counted and processed in an impossibly short amount of time
  • Witnessing officials TAMPERING with tabulators at the TCF Center!
  • Ballot harvesting operations being done by a local Church
  • Poll workers overriding the actual votes, and changing Trump votes to BIDEN!
  • Poll workers REFUSING TO COUNT Trump votes!
  • Poll workers bringing in luggage and boxes that could have contained illegal ballots
  • Poll Workers using deceitful tactics and colluding with Democrats to try and EXPEL GOP Poll Challengers
  • GOP Poll Challengers being EJECTED from observing the vote count
  • GOP Poll Challengers were observing ILLEGAL BALLOTS and their objections were IGNORED
  • Poll workers being obvious Democrat PARTISANS
  • Suspicious meetings of the poll workers

Bomer makes the claim that she saw a Detroit poll worker use correction tape that would cause the machine to show an error that another poll worker could then “correct.” Bomer said that it is the poll worker’s job to make sure the counting is secure from tampering. She says that she informed GOP lawyers on the scene and apparently they did nothing.

If what she says is the truth, this is huge. There is shenanigans in every election in Detroit, so why would you find it so hard to believe it wasn’t this time? This is especially true when they refused in many cases to allow Republican observers close enough to see what was going on.

And when an observer saw something funky and raised an objection, the Democrats running the count refused to take the objection. I cannot honestly say there was massive cheating in this election but I do strongly feel it is important to find out if cheating diud take place and you should be for that no matter which party you belong to.

Sweeping everything under the rug will convince many people that our elections are no longer secure. Let’s face it, Biden was drawing just a dozen people to his rallies and now he set an all time record for votes? It just does not make sense. But, if he did win honestly, he should welcome an investigation that will prove it.


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