Race Baiting Judge Get’s Hit With Immediate Justice After Attacking White Prosecutor


In the past year, we’ve seen a significant spike in the number of people claiming that the justice system is inherently racist. Liberals and members of the media are quick to deem decisions “racist,” before even taking the time to educate themselves about the facts.

A new report reveals that Judge Olu Stevens, a Louisville African-American judge, took things too far when he dismissed a jury because it was made up only of white people.

Attorney Tom Wine, the prosecutor in the case, questioned the judge’s decision. That’s when Stevens decided to go on Facebook and write an angry post attacking Wine.

Stevens wrote that Wine was “complaining he should have had an all-white jury panel after losing a trial” and suggested that “something much more sinister” was going on in the case. There was, of course, very little proof to back up any of those comments.

Just days after the post started to go viral, Stevens received a letter from the Kentucky Judicial Conduct Commission, charging him with multiple counts of misconduct. At the beginning of the week, he was suspended from the bench for 90 days.

The case in question took place in 2014. Reports indicate that only one African-American showed up for jury duty, but was later eliminated at random when there were four jurors too many. After that decision, Stevens threw out the jury entirely.

As the presiding judge on the case, Stevens had a responsibility to remain impartial. It is clear that he was unable to do that in this case. Wine maintains that he was not insisting that he wanted a white jury, but rather wanted clarification on whether it was legal for a judge to throw out a jury without proving that it was somehow manipulated to be white.


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  1. Just another scum bag judge we need to do something about our judical systems and the media

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